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One to one weight loss coaching for women local to Mid Sussex.


Join my next 8 week transformation program for women size 14-22.


Nutrition support, weight loss coaching and personalised training plans.

Online Nutrition Coaches: The Best in the UK 2018!

Many thanks to Online Fitness Business for naming me in their list of best nutrition coaches 2018.

I’m extremely passionate about helping women break away from the endless diet cycle, and to help them finally lose weight in a healthy way that works for them. As a nutritionist and online nutrition coach, I empower clients to understand what works, create a healthy lifestyle that they enjoy, and achieve results that they can maintain for life. It’s an honour to be included in this list.

About Hayley

Hayley Plummer is a health and fitness coach specialising in helping women develop healthy relationships with food and their bodies while getting them to their fitness goals.

Hayley’s mission is to cut the confusion and stress out of getting the body you want, and empower you with the knowledge and the mindset you need to keep those results for life.

As a self-confessed foodie, Hayley is strongly against restrictive dieting and believes in enjoying food rather than avoiding it. Combining this with a training program focused on improving your body’s strength and capabilities (rather than just flogging it to burn calories) means she can help you achieve awesome results AND enjoy the process along the way.

Hayley is based in Haywards Heath, Sussex, and enjoys travel, experiencing new things, cooking and eating food, and riding her bike (in nice weather).

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