November 9

#117 – Why the Scales Don’t Always Tell the Truth


Many times people get disheartened by the scales. And yet very often, they ARE making progress.

Either they’re just holding on to extra water that’s masking that progress. Or they have unrealistic expectations of how long fat loss (rather than a combination of mostly water, plus muscle and a bit of fat loss, as seen on most diets) actually takes.

The scales tell the truth about your body’s relationship with gravity in that moment. And over time (3-4 weeks or more) they give a good indication of fat loss progress. But day to day, and even week to week, they often don’t show the true story of what’s happening inside your body.

And they draw your attention away from many other signs of progress that you could be enjoying (and using as motivational fuel to keep you going).

In this episode, we talk about:

  • when and why the scales might not be showing you the true progress you’re making
  • other ways to measure how well things are going
  • the absolute key points to remember, if your goal is to create results that last

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