December 6

12 awesome Health and Fitness gifts

It’s that time for buying gifts again…

So I thought it could be helpful to come up with a list of cool stuff that helps fitness, mindset and weight loss.

These are some practical health and fitness gifts for anyone who wants to get stronger, fitter, healthier and happier in 2021.


Resistance bands set


resistance bands for home exercise
Click the image to find them on amazon

This is a great bit of kit for doing resistance training in the comfort of your own home.

Good value (around £16 – £28 depending on offers), takes up minimal space, and gives a wide variety of exercises you can do.

If you go for a set containing a door anchor (like the one in the image), it means you can do pulldowns and other exercises with the band attached high up. This gives you a lot more options, along with the ability to work muscles that are otherwise hard to reach.

And because the set provides different level resistance bands, it allow you to build strength over time.


Mindfulness stress balls


Mindfulness stress balls for mental health
Click on the image to find them on amazon

A (literally) handy tool for relieving stress.

When it comes to weight loss, emotional eating is common problem. Often, we respond to stress or anxiety by using our hands to mindlessly graze on snacks.

Because the ball gives your hands something to do, it can enable you to relieve tension without reaching for food.

A few minutes squeezing the ball gives you the time to become present and process your thoughts. And that can help you find calm and improve your mood.

If you’re working from home, a ball on your desk could be the visual prompt you need to practise mindfulness, positivity or gratitude. The ones in the photo also release a pleasant aroma when squeezed.


Inspire Now Journal

Planning journal for health and fitness
Click on the image to find them on amazon

This is a motivating journal to help you get things done.

In the first section you are encouraged to set goals in different areas of life. Then you refine them into short term actionable steps.

The rest of the journal is broken down into pages to plan each day. There are spaces to prioritise your most important tasks, and daily prompts to ensure you take time for your health, wellness and self-development.

At the end of each undated week is a check in to reflect on the progress you’ve made. And then you have space to create a plan for the next 7 days. Each page offers an inspirational quote to keep you motivated, and there are tracking pages for monitoring habits, fitness, finances and more.

I was given an Inspire Now Journal as a gift, and am now onto my third one. Highly recommend it.


Gym log book

Gym log book for fitness tracking
Click on the image to find them on amazon

For best results at the gym, you need to be keeping track of your workouts, and aiming to get stronger over time. This little log book helps you do that.

Each page is set out to record the session you do – each exercise, the sets and reps, and any cardio.

By using this book, you can refer back to your previous workout and aim to beat it by doing more reps or increasing the weight.

It’s a great tool to help you see improvements and keep making progress.


Home Stepper

Home stepper for health and fitness
Click on the image to find them on amazon

If you don’t have the time or inclination to go out and get your steps in during winter, this little home stepper is a very handy tool.

I personally have one of these myself, tucked away in a corner.

When it’s cold and wet outside, it’s wonderful to stay indoors and use the stepper in short bursts throughout the day. Or you could put something on TV, and merrily step away while watching.

Is there anything better than increasing your step count while watching TV?

I don’t think so.


The Fitness Chef book – Eat What You Like and Lose Weight for Life

Fitness chef book for weight loss
Click on the image to find them on amazon

A brilliant book to help you understand nutrition and weight loss, and improve your relationship with food.

If you’ve been confused by all the information and numerous diets out there, this will help you cut through the noise to understand what really works and why.

Filled with pictures, infographics and snippets of key information, it’s an easy and enjoyable read.

You can’t help but gain knowledge and a sense of empowerment from reading this book.


Chasing Cupcakes book

Book for weight loss and mindset
Click on the image to find them on amazon

I am yet to find a better book than this one when it comes to weight loss and mindset.

Author Elizabeth Benton describes how she used to think, feel and act when she was over 150lbs heavier, and how she has since transformed her body and life by changing her thoughts.

It’s filled with observations and relatable stories that will make you say ‘that’s me!’.

And better still, it will help you change those patterns in simple doable ways.

If you know what to do, but find it really hard to keep doing it and are prone to self sabotage, you need to get this book.

Be prepared to do the work and answer the questions at the end of each chapter, and you can potentially find the key that ends your weight loss struggle.


Atomic Habits book

Book for building health and fitness habits
Click on the image to find them on amazon

Widely regarded as the best book around when it comes to building better habits.

Author James Clear breaks things down in an enjoyable and actionable way, and includes plenty of interesting stories, anecdotes and examples to help you apply the principles.

It’s a practical, no-nonsense and easy-to-use guide to improving your life.


Bento Box 3 compartment lunch box

Lunchbox health and fitness gifts
Click on the image to find them on amazon

Here is a list of reasons that make this lunch box a great buy:

It’s made of food-grade PP material, BPA-free, non-toxic. and corrosion resistant.

If you’re prone to dropping things (like me) it’s also drop-resistance.

The food containers are hermetically sealed to prevent food leakage. And there is a handy space for cutlery.

Finally – modern day convenience win – it’s suitable for the microwave and the dishwasher.



kettlebell health and fitness gift
Click on the image to find them on amazon

An excellent piece of home training kit.

Kettlebells are versatile, takes up minimal space, and there are lots of fun things you can do with them. They also work out cheaper than buying dumbbells of similar weight.

For ideas on what to do with them, check out my Instagram posts HERE and HERE.

The image link takes you to an 8kg kettlebell on amazon.

Generally, anything 6-10kg gives you a good variety of exercises you can do.

As you go heavier, into the 12-20kg range, your options are reduced. But the effect of the exercises you can do is powerful because the weight is heavy.

So really, there isn’t a perfect weight, and anything from 6kg is up is good to go for.

If you can get 2 or 3 different weights so you have a full spectrum of exercises you can do (say 8, 12 and 16kg) – amazing.


Foam roller


foam roller health and fitness gift
Click on the image to find them on amazon

Foam rollers are a form of self massage (or self torture, some would say).

Basically, if you have stiff tight muscles, the foam roller will highlight this for you.

And while rolling on those muscles can be uncomfortable, it temporarily loosens them up. Then, to get the full benefit, do some mobility work after.  This gives you the chance to improve flexibility while the muscles are able to stretch more.

As you can see from the little picture in the graphic, a roller is also great to lie on and open out your back, chest and shoulders after a day at your desk.


Grenade bar selection box


protein bar health and fitness gift
Click on the image to find them on amazon

Grenade carb killas are right up there with the tastiest bars in protein bar world.

They are basically like a chocolate bar – similar calories and taste, but with around 20g of protein and a lot less sugar.

As a result, snacking on one of these boosts your protein intake and can help you stay fuller for longer.

There are many delicious flavours to choose from – my personal favourites are white chocolate cookie, chocolate chip salted caramel, and chocolate chip cookie dough. So good.

A selection box makes an excellent gift to yourself or any other fitness enthusiast.


Bonus health and fitness gift – A coach


online weight loss coach


I hope this article has been helpful and given you some ideas.

One of the best health and fitness gifts you can give yourself or someone you love, is a coach.

Someone to help you cut through the confusion, focus on what really works, and offer support and encouragement every step of the way.

Find out more about online coaching, and see some awesome client results, here:

Benefits of having an online weight loss coach


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