September 22

Women and Weights


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“After not exercising since leaving school and my back becoming more of a problem, the future was not looking great at the age of 45!! I knew I had to do something, but what?

The thought of going to exercise classes filled me with horror and I knew I had to find something I enjoyed doing, but if I hadn’t found it at 45 I didn’t think there was much chance.

On meeting a friend for a drink, I was amazed at her appearance, she looked fabulous, had lost weight and changed shape. She told me she had started personal training with Hayley at the Performance Project. What really caught me was her saying “Who knew you could do this by lifting weights and not sweating?”
I was sold!

So a year and half later I’m still seeing Hayley and more importantly still enjoying my sessions at the gym with her. I’m stronger, my back is no longer a daily problem and I’ve learnt loads about myself, food and exercise, made a friend out of Hayley and met a great group of people. Hayley’s support in my sessions and outside of them is great, I can’t recommend her enough.”

Love this testimonial from my client Bryony.

Like a lot of the awesome women I work with, Bryony entered the world of weights training and was totally suprised at how much she enjoys it.

I work with such a great bunch of women, mainly in their 40s and 50s, but a few younger and older (my amazing client Norma is 72).

The vast majority of them started weights training AFTER having kids.

A lot had aches and pains that have vastly improved or disappeared altogether as their body has become stronger.

NONE of them have got big and muscly (because it’s virtually impossible for women to do that by accident).

Instead they’ve lost weight, toned up, gained strength, and achieved things they never knew they were capable of.

My client Mandi (who had never lifted weights until a year ago, age 55) said yesterday during her session;

‘I LOVE weights training. I love the challenge of it. Seeing the weights increasing and knowing I’m getting stronger. It’s brilliant. I never thought I would love coming to the gym so much.’

Weights are SO beneficial to women (and men of course, but they all know that already).

A lot of women think weights aren’t for them; that they’ll get big and muscly, or hurt themselves, or not be able to do it.

But you won’t get bulky muscles; you’ll get toned. If you combine your training with good nutrition too; you’ll lose weight and see your body become smaller and firmer.

If you get good instruction at the start, you’ll become stronger and be far LESS likely to hurt yourself and suffer with back and knee problems as you get older.

And no one is born able to do anything perfectly. Everyone starts somewhere. Again with a bit of help and guidance at the start, you’ll master the basics very quickly, and from there you’ll be amazed at how far you can go.

If you’ve never tried weights, I would massively encourage you to give it a go. There are so many benefits to your body, health and general well-being that can be gained.


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