February 22

#174 – Menopause and Brain Health – Interview with Tanith Lee


This episode is a second interview with menopause expert Tanith Lee, also known as 'Mrs Menopause'.

Topics covered include:

  • What happens to the brain in menopause – changes to be aware of

  • 'Menopause brain' – brain fog, anxiety and other symptoms

  • Practical steps we can take to support our brain health

  • Why it's so important to seek rest, connection and fun

  • Nutrition and supplements for reducing blood sugar levels and supporting the brain

  • Dementia and Alzheimers – what to be aware of and how to lower the risk

And more.

To listen to Tanith's first episode all about menopause and mental health, click on the link –

#166 Menopause and Mental Health

You can find out more about Tanith and receive her Menopause Musings (her emails are great and worth subscribing to) along with info about upcoming talks and programs at ⁠⁠mrsmenopause.co.uk⁠⁠.

These are some links mentioned in the episode:


(great website where you can test your cognitive function and learn how to reduce risk factors for dementia)

⁠Nutri-advanced eskimo range supplements⁠

⁠Bare Biology Supplements⁠

⁠Natural Dispensary⁠


I want to say a huge thank you to Tanith for coming on and sharing a lot of valuable ideas and information, and I'd love to hear what you the listener think of this episode.

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