May 11

2 and a half Stone Down since January – Deb's Progress so far


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This is my superstar client Deb, who has now lost over 2 and a half stone since we started online coaching together in January.

Despite having virtually no experience of consistent weights training, and a busy full time job, we’ve built a program for Deb to do at home and she has done it brilliantly. 

We had an initial session together at the gym to go over a home training plan that was easy enough to follow with limited equipment, and then Deb bought a £30 set of adjustable dumbells and started to follow the plan. She’s alternated doing a home weights circuit one day with some interval training the next – short bursts on her rowing machine for 5 – 10 minutes.

Alongside this, Deb has transformed her eating. All new clients receive my Healthy Recipe Ebook for free and Deb has made virtually every recipe from it, posting photos in our online coaching facebook group that are better than mine, and finding a particular love of chocolate protein pancakes (who wouldn’t!) 🙂 She’s still enjoyed the odd cake and meal out too, which is fab. Long term lifestyle, NOT restrictive diet, is what it’s all about.

Most weeks have seen a drop of 2lbs on the scales due to the consistency in Deb’s food and training. Now at a point where the weights she has are getting easy, Deb has voluntarily invested in heavier ones and a set of kettlebells, and is continuing with the plan I have adapted for her to keep making more progress.

I could not be prouder of Deb and her amazing progress so far. Just like a lot of people, Deb has a busy job, a family to cook for, and a social life to navigate. She’s not used anything as an excuse and has stayed consistent with food and exercise, which is THE most important thing. Her results show what you can achieve if you have a great attitude, make positive changes and keep doing them week after week.

Did you think about starting a weight loss plan in January this year?

Did you actually start a plan and then fall off it at some point?

Do you wish you’d taken action and stayed consistent like Deb did?

Sometimes (many times in fact) people need a coach. Someone to be accountable to. Someone who will show them the way when they are lost. Someone who can give them the tools they need to achieve their goals, and the knowledge to keep hold of their results for LIFE.

I am here to help, if you’re ready and willing to commit.

Just reach out and get in touch.

Hayley x



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