October 22

26lbs down in 12 weeks… Helen's story


How amazing is the change in those photos… ^^

So proud of this lady and what she’s achieved in my lastest 12-week online weight loss program, Change For Life.

More than anything, the new healthy relationship with food and herself is what makes me happiest.

That’s what sets people on the path to long-term success.

No more yo-yoing.
No more diets.
Just a happy, healthy lifestyle, and enjoyment of food 🙂

Here’s what Helen had to say…

“I just wanted to write a few words about Hayley and her amazing  ‘change for life’ programme that is now sadly coming to an end. I say sadly because it has been an enlightening journey that I have had the privilege to share with some wonderfully supportive ladies.  Thankfully, for some of us, our journey, 12-weekfriendship and support for each other will continue via Park Run on Saturdays.

A year ago, my husband and I booked tickets to spend Christmas with my Sister in Australia.  She has been out there now for 8 years and I have yet to visit.  I had been struggling to lose weight myself for the holiday, and although I was aware of Hayley’s magic as a friend of mine had successfully lost a lot of weight, it wasn’t until a recent family trauma that I realised how much I invest in others, yet neglect helping myself.  

I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to get through the trauma and help my family unless I did something to help and look after myself first.  On reflection, it’s sad that I couldn’t justify spending the money to solely help myself, it took a tragedy.  

However, since being on the programme, I’ve not only lost nearly two stone, I now truly value myself and now know I’m worth it! I’ve taken up running again, regularly attend Claire Park Run, walk a lot more, eat a lot better as I’m wiser on the nutritional value of food, am more confident, happier and smile a lot more.

I’d yo-yo dieted my whole life and it has always affected my mood and confidence…until now!  Food no longer controls me, I control it and that is such an awesome feeling.  It’s taken over 50 years to get there but here I am, week 12 with Hayley and the girls and I finally have a healthy relationship with food.  I can honestly say that it’s been a life-changing experience.

I think the best thing about the programme is that you can mindfully eat what you want, it makes sense and it’s so simple.  Hayley is brilliant!  She is caring, compassionate, super knowledgeable and very supportive. That coupled with the support and understanding from the group, weekly check-ins, feedback messages and regular tips and videos from Hayley means that I’d highly recommend her because she quite simply understands and gets it!”

Helen spent Sunday night throwing out her old size 16 clothes… what an amazing way to finish the program!

Are you looking to lose weight WITHOUT dieting, fit into smaller clothes, feel amazing and transform for GOOD? 

Get in touch to register your interest for the next Change For Life Program.

More info and the form to apply is here:



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