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Over 30lbs down and no more diets – Kat’s story



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Over 30lbs down, a happy healthy mum, enjoying sustainable weight loss, and no more diets.

Here’s Kat’s online coaching story.

“For the last 10 years I’ve wasted time and money doing fad diets.

I would often do well short term, but then as soon as I went slightly off plan I gained the weight back, plus a bit more, and came away learning nothing.

Then I found Hayley, and it all changed! She’s given me the knowledge and tools I needed for sustainable weight loss.

We’ve covered everything – mindset, nutrition, exercise, health, habit building and generally how to have a more fulfilling lifestyle.

I am halfway through my journey and have lost just over 2 stone.

I am a mother of a young child and I have two chronic illnesses but this wasn’t an issue as Hayley supported me and understood my challenges.

If you are considering working with Hayley, just do it because it IS possible to lose weight, get healthy, be happy AND still enjoy chocolate!”


Sustainable weight loss takes time


I’m so proud of this lady. These photos are taken over a 6 month period.

Kat had weeks where it was hard, she felt off track, and things didn’t change.


But despite those days and weeks where her brain was telling her ‘you’ll never get there!’, she kept learning, kept building good habits, and kept going.

Now she’s got the knowledge, tools and confidence to continue the journey by herself.  And maintain those results for life.⁣


At the end of the online coaching process, I send out an evaluation form to help clients embed what they’ve learned and achieved, and to find out what I can do better as a coach.

Kat wrote some points on her form that could be really helpful for people to read, so I’ve added some of the questions and answers below.


What were your goals at the start of online coaching?


To lose weight, to have consistent eating habits, to change my mindset and relationship with food and exercise, to be able to cope with cravings and to be a healthy role model for my son.


What have you learned about losing weight and keeping it off? 


1) That building habits is so important to succeed in anything.

2) How important protein and resistance training is.

3) That you can have chocolate and higher calorie foods, you just need to balance them out.

4) That a lot of eating is habitual, such as eating chocolate just because it’s in the house. And this just needs to be broken and the brain re-wired with new habits.

5) To use better vocabulary and be more positive, such as not using words like “good” or “bad” to describe food.

6) That there are lots of aspects to weight loss, not just what I eat.


What have you improved and achieved in our time together?


1) Lost just over 2 stone

2) Felt happier and more positive about myself

3) Become a happier person

4) My relationship with food and exercise.

I know there’s lots more but I can’t think!


What elements of online coaching have you found most helpful or valuable?


Having someone to support me and be on my side has been really valuable, and the accountability of knowing someone is monitoring my progress.

I also found it really helped being taught how to do it alone. Getting knowledge and feedback when I needed it, but not just being given a meal plan and to follow and that’s it, like a lot of coaches would.


No more diets


All of the points Kat learned are important parts of long term success.

If you want to build a healthy relationship with food, lose weight and keep it off, the answers above sum up much of what to focus on.

The last point Kat mentions is an important one too – not just being given a meal plan to follow.

Weight loss can feel confusing and overwhelming, and it can be so tempting to find a coach, program or diet that will just tell you what to do.

But that doesn’t create lasting success.

While the principles of weight loss will always be the same – consistently take in less calories than your body is burning off, and you will lose weight – there is no ‘one size fits all’ method to achieve that.

Everyone is different. We all have different preferences, bodies and lifestyles.

If you follow a diet plan, you may well create a calorie deficit and see some progress. But you don’t learn anything.

You either have to follow the diet for the rest of your life, or you regain the weight and return back to square one.

Investing time and effort into learning and creating your own plan feels harder. It initially takes longer.

But it creates lasting success because you learn so much along the way.

You build habits and find what works for you.

To learn more about nutrition, mindset and habits, check out my online store for some good books to get you started.

You can also find plenty of tips, workout ideas and evidence-based info on my Instagram page – @hayleyplummerpt


How to lose weight and keep it off for good


Kat has further to go to reach her ultimate weight loss goal, but is at a point now where she’s got the knowledge, tools and confidence to continue by herself.
That is exactly what I want as a coach. My goal is to help clients build the skills and habits they need for success, and provide the support to get through those tricky times when it’s so easy to give up.
Once you’ve got to a certain point, you have the understanding, experience and self belief to keep going and make it stick.
That’s the biggest takeaway – keep going.

Even when it’s slow, or you have a blowout, or you feel like you’ve fallen off track.

That’s all ok. It’s part of the process.

Make sure you’re asking helpful questions.

Many of us are in the habit of asking unhelpful questions, like:

  • why can’t I do this?!
  • why is this so hard?
  • why do I always sabotage myself?

Instead, try:

  • what can I learn?
  • how can I make this easier?
  • what’s one positive action I can take today?

Seek out knowledge and support if you need it.

And remember, the only way you won’t get there is if you give up.

So be proud of your efforts. Support yourself like you would support your best friend.

And keep going.


If you’re interested in online coaching, find out more here:

Benefits of having an online weight loss coach


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