October 10

35lbs down – Emily's fantastic photos


Just wanted to share with you these brilliant progress photos from my personal training client Emily.

We’ve been personal training together for 9 months now and it’s been fantastic watching this lady transform.

Close to 35lbs weight loss, fitter, stronger, enjoying food, gaining confidence and still more to come 💪

Here’s what Emily had to say…

“I have been exercising for the past 7 years, having originally started going to bootcamp to win a competition.

Towards the end of 2017, I started to miss going to classes, and making excuses not to exercise.

I felt uncomfortable and had lost confidence and knew that I needed to do something that was sustainable and would get me into shape again.

My diet needed help too, but I knew I needed to be accountable and would need a hand to get there.

I met Hayley after finding her on Instagram and we started training on the last Friday of 2017.

Fast forward to now and while I have lost close to 35lbs, I have made huge gains in the way that I look and feel in all areas of my life.

Confidence, check, happiness, check, better sleep, check, lots of compliments from my family and friends, check, check, check.

Not once throughout the last 9 months have I felt deprived, or wanted to say s*d it and eat everything.

Still eating pizza? Yep – but now it’s made using a wrap. Still eating chocolate? You bet – but now it will be a small piece or an individually wrapped one.

I have learnt to love exercise again to the point that I now workout 5-6 times a week. I’ve learnt to fit it in around my work and weekend so that it’s become part of my daily routine.

I look forward to my session with Hayley, where not only do we do a number of exercises, but we download to each other how the week has been, what’s coming up, which really helps me to think ahead, plan, focus and she always reminds me to get my steps in!

Hayley is a great trainer, listener and friend and is always on hand to ask a question or drop me a text to see how I am etc. I am lucky to have found her and how she has helped me to feel about myself, and not just how I look now.

So, if you sound like I did 9 months ago, just think where you could be in a few months time. Take it from me, it’s a priceless feeling and Hayley will really help you to get there.”

Really impressed and proud of what Emily has achieved, and excited to see what’s still to come over the next few months.

The biggest point I’d love people to take from this is how Emily’s achieved what she has – no crazy diet looking for rapid weight loss, just a healthy, balanced and enjoyable change of lifestyle – 

– making sustainable food swaps
– building regular exercise into her routine
– adding in weekly weights training (amazing for health and bone density as well as toning up, losing weight and getting strong)
– having a relaxed approach – enjoying the odd pizza, not restricting anything, and not beating herself up for the odd ‘bad day’
– keeping consistent and enjoying the process <<<< absolutely key to success 🙂

If this has inspired you, or you’re feeling stuck, or have any questions about weights training or anything else, please get in touch >>> CLICK HERE <<< and I’ll be happy to help.




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