April 19

#61 – Mindset Tools for Anxiety


If you sometimes feel anxious and overwhelmed, you’re not alone. And it’s important to remember that there are things you can do to change (or at least improve) it.

In this short episode I share a few tools and perspective shifts that might help.

Also mentioned – 3 powerful questions you can ask yourself when you you’re thinking something that doesn’t make you feel good:

  • Is it true?
  • Is it helpful?
  • Is it kind? (i.e. would I say it to my best friend, if they were in my situation?)

The two books mentioned in this episode are:

Choose Wonder over Worry – Amber Rae

Soundtracks – Jon Acuff

If you need any help, have any questions or want to get in touch, head to hayleyplummer.co.uk

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