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7 Brilliant Books for Weight Loss and Mindset

There are so many amazing books to improve your mindset, and SO many books about weight loss. It can be really difficult to know where to start. But there is a smaller selection that are brilliant for both – books for weight loss and mindset.

So as an avid reader of anything self-development related, I thought I’d write this post.

These, in my opinion, are 7 of the best books for improving your health, habits, mindset, knowledge, consistency and results.

I’d highly recommend checking them out, and you can do so by clicking on any of the images below.

In no particular order, let’s dive straight in.


Book #1 – The Fitness Chef: Eat What You Like and Lose Weight for Life

Fitness chef book for weight loss
Click on the image to find it on amazon

If you follow ‘The Fitness Chef’ on instagram (well worth doing), you’ll know his page is all about infographics. Quick and genuinely interesting visuals about nutrition, that stop you in your tracks and make you think ‘No, really?!

The book is full of similar infographics, along with more useful info, which makes it an easy and enjoyable flick through. It’s brilliantly curated help you understand nutrition and weight loss, and improve your relationship with food.

If you’ve been confused by all the information and numerous diets out there, this will help you cut through the noise to understand what really works and why.

You can’t help but gain knowledge and a sense of empowerment from reading this book. I’d also highly recommend following the author on Instagram – @thefitnesschef_


Book #2 – Not a Diet Book (James Smith)

not a diet book
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This is an entertaining and no-nonsense guide to the actually useful information you need, to achieve your health and fitness goals.

James Smith teaches you about nutrition, calories, what matters for successful weight loss, and how to keep it simple.

If you’ve ever wondered about fad diets – if they work, how they work, whether you should try them – you’ll find out why they don’t work (and why you probably shouldn’t try them) here.

He also dives into about two other crucial pillars to success – habits and mindset.

Book #3 – Chasing Cupcakes (Elizabeth Benton)

Book for weight loss and mindset
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I am yet to find a better book than this one when it comes to weight loss and the power of your thoughts.

Author Elizabeth Benton describes how she used to think, feel and act when she was over 150lbs heavier, and how she has since transformed her body and life by changing her mindset.

It’s filled with observations and relatable stories that will make you say ‘that’s me!’.

And better still, it will help you change those patterns in simple doable ways.

If you know what to do, but find it really hard to keep doing it and are prone to self sabotage, you need to get this book.

Be prepared to do the work and answer the questions at the end of each chapter, and you could find the key that finally ends your weight loss struggle.


Book #4 – Everything is Figureoutable (Marie Forleo)


This book will empower you to face your fears, bust through challenges and achieve your goals in life.

Marie Forleo teaches highly impactful tools to help you develop an ‘I can figure this out’ mindset, and stop holding yourself back.

There are chapters on belief, fear, defining your dream, progress not perfection, refusing to be refused, the secret to lasting success, and more.

And every single one provides wisdom and powerful questions to help shift your mindset.

It’s noticeably helped a number of my clients, and it could really help you too.


Book #5 – Atomic Habits (James Clear)

Book for building health and fitness habits
Click on the image to find it on amazon

If you want to be successful with your health, fitness or weight loss goals, you need to establish good habits. And you wont find a better book to teach you how to build them than this one.

Author James Clear breaks things down in a straightforward and actionable way. He also includes plenty of stories, anecdotes and examples to help you apply the principles to whatever you want to achieve.

Understanding current habits, and knowing how to create better ones, is the missing ingredient for so many people on their weight loss journey.

Willpower might get you started. But as you probably know, it quickly fades. And if you don’t have sustainable habits to keep you going, you’re likely to keep returning to square one.

Atomic Habits will change that for you. It’s a practical and easy-to-use guide to improving your life.


Book #6 – The Joy of Half a Cookie (Jean Kristeller)


Do you struggle with seeing foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, and feeling guilty when you eat the ‘bad’ ones?

If so, this book is for you.

The Joy of Half a Cookie teaches you how to lose weight while ditching willpower, guilt, restriction and cravings, and loving every bite.

There are exercises throughout the book teaching you the powerful practice of mindful eating.

Included in this is giving yourself permission to eat anything you want, understanding your body’s hunger signals, and stopping at a point where you feel satisfied and in control.

The ultimate goal is to gain freedom around food. Losing weight in a healthy sustainable way, and fully enjoying what you eat.


Book #7 – Menopocalypse (Amanda Thebe)

menopause book
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Whether or not weight loss is your goal, if you’re going through menopause (or know someone who is), I highly recommend this book.

Author Amanda Thebe covers everything you can think of, and in an entertaining, occasionally sweary kind of way.⁣⁣

Topics discussed include: symptoms, what to focus on, hormone therapy, up to date research, weight loss, food, mindfulness, stress, sleep, movement and more.⁣⁣
It also has 12 weeks of strength training plans, which is brilliant. There are so many benefits to keeping your body strong through menopause and beyond.⁣⁣

Having read a fair amount of books on menopause, I can safely say this one is the best I’ve read.


Brilliant books for weight loss and mindset – which one will you get first?

Any of these books can empower you to literally transform your life, if you read and apply what you learn. I hope this post inspires you to get one (or rediscover a book you’ve already got), and I’d love to hear how you get on if you do.

If you’re looking for 1:1 support to lose weight in a healthy sustainable way, improve your relationship with food, and keep the results for life, this is what I offer through online coaching. Find out more on the link below.

Benefits of Having an Online Weight Loss Coach

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