November 21

#85 – How to Get the Most out of Using ‘My Fitness Pal’


My fitness pal is a calorie counting app that many people use for weight loss.

It’s not for everyone, but it can be an incredibly helpful tool.

Using it for even just a couple of weeks can empower you with knowledge about food, portion sizes, calories, protein, and ways to balance things out, that can boost your progress and help you maintain your results for life.

In this episode we cover how to make the most out of using my fitness pal, including:

  • how to work out your calorie target
  • how to ensure you’re getting enough protein
  • how to ensure you’re getting other nutrients that are important for health
  • things that are good to look at, and things you can ignore
  • useful features within the app
  • how to avoid going over calories or not getting enough protein
  • how to manage weekends, takeaways and eating out
  • the importance of combining tracking with mindful eating
  • a top tip to build consistency and get great results

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