March 10

Lessons from a rainbow cake



Looks amazing doesn’t it!?

If you’ve been on my list for a while you’ll know I’m a Personal Trainer who very much likes cake and chocolate. I love to eat healthy, but I also have a very sweet tooth, and I’ll eat what I want when I really want it.

Everyone should be able to do this too, and this is something I work on with my clients – getting a balance that allows health and weight loss to occur without constantly missing out on foods they really enjoy.

I’m a big believer that for long term success, cutting out ‘bad’ foods is not the answer. Minimise, yes, but deprive yourself completely and you’ll feel miserable, fall off the wagon at some point and probably end up back at square one. It’s not sustainable.

If you’re active, understand calories and eat well MOST of the time, you absolutely can have your cake and eat it.

So I did.

And it was brilliant.

For all of about 5 minutes, and then I felt sick.

Stomach started to swell, and copious amounts of sugar began rushing through my veins.

Not cool. In this case, my eyes had gotten the better of me and my stomach didn’t like it.

I should probably have realised this halfway through, but I was so excited by this amazing rainbow coloured cake and how delicious it was, that I carried on and was finished before I really started to feel the effects.

The lesson?

(Talking to myself, but hopefully will help you too)
Healthy eating makes you feel so much better, so keep doing this most of the time.
Make sure things you do have are worth the calories and before you eat them, have a think about how they are likely to make you feel. 
If you go for it, eat slow, savour every mouthful, and STOP when you feel full or like you are eating too much sugar!

Some people may deem this ‘bad’ that I’m a health and fitness coach who eats (too much!) cake.

I hope it makes you see I am normal (at least in this respect), make mistakes, get over excited about tasty food, and am far from perfect. I want to enjoy life and food more than I want to be stick thin. And I find that by being active and eating healthy most of the time, I can still enjoy the things I want and remain in a shape that I am happy with.

You absolutely can do this too.

If you’re struggling to see how, send me an email at and let me know how I can help 🙂


Hayley Plummer – Haywards Heath Personal Trainer, Fat Loss Coach and Food Enthusiast


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