July 28

Abi's 10 week photos


10 week start finish photos

Brilliant results from my client Abi, who joined my 10 week training program aiming to lose a stone after having her gorgeous little boy.

Here’s what Abi had to say…

“I have achieved my weight loss goal of over a stone and i am now fitting into clothes i was wearing before i got pregnant. 

It has also jumpstarted my mindset so i am now completely committed to getting back down to my wedding weight and going beyond that.

I love training with you and really enjoyed the 10 week programme. i have tried other trainers and methods and diets before and i can honestly say that your programme (this one and the last one i did before having a baby) are the only ones where i have eaten what i have wanted and exercised and achieved my goals and maintained them.”

Being able to help people get fitter, slimmer and happier with their body while enjoying the process = an incredibly awesome job. I love what I do.
Amazing work Abi well done. Cant wait to see the progress I know you will continue to make. Proud coach 😀




Hayley Plummer – Female Body Transformation Coach, Haywards Heath, Sussex



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