May 23

"I've not bothered to weigh myself nor count a single calorie…"


“I’m also immensely happy with my progress to date, seriously –
when I started I didn’t think anything would change as I really
struggle to lose weight/tone up etc. I’ve not bothered to weigh myself
nor count a single calorie on this programme and that for me is
amazing. I can see where I started with the measurements and whilst
they have not been phenomenal it is more than I thought possible. So
thank you again. It’s been so nice to see what I am capable of rather
than sticking to one thing and wondering why I’m not getting results”
This quote sums up why I love what what I do.
Bex started online coaching with me 2 months ago. She didn’t have a lot of weight to lose but was keen to tone up, lose a bit of fat around her hips and thighs, and develop a healthy, happy lifestyle.
Having applied everything I’ve taught and sent her so far, this impromptu comment in one of our email conversations shows that she is well on her way to achieving the results she was looking for.
The best thing is that Bex done all this without even feeling the need to weigh herself or count calories.
I love that.
I work with a lot of people who want to lose weight and tone up, and everyone benefits from different tools and techniques.
It doesn’t have to be about obsessively counting calories, restricting the foods you love, flogging yourself with exercise and then beating yourself up when the scales don’t budge.
You can get fit, toned, healthy and happy without doing any of those things.
My goal as a Personal Trainer and Online Coach is to help you get the results you want in the way that is best for you. Usually, this means:
Simple, easy to follow advice that actually works
Finding foods that get your body feeling nourished and full of energy
Setting goals that get you feeling motivated and excited about achieving them
Exploring ways to build confidence and improve your mindset around food and your body
A progressive and personalised training plan that is always at a level you are capable of
Accountability and support whenever you need it
Learning all the tools and techniques you need to keep your results for life


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