June 14

Birthday Cakes And Workouts


Sunday was my birthday, and I was very lucky to be given not one but TWO amazing cakes…

White chocolate and mini egg cheesecake, and a chocolate cake covered in oreos… both incredible.

Sunday would definitely be classed as ‘off track’ in terms of healthy and balanced nutrition! But it’s all good. One day doesn’t ruin anything. As I always chat about with clients, being consistently on track MOST of the time is what matters. Life is to be enjoyed, and sometimes you can eat cake.

Monday morning, back on it and using all that extra sugar to fuel a weights session in the gym.

Being another year older has made me all reflective…

Every year (well actually every day) I try to improve, be a better coach, better person, and make the most out of life.

I love what I do, I love helping people, I love the clients I have and I love the balanced lifestyle I aim to live and promote.

To me, life is to be enjoyed as much as possible. I want to reach my last days knowing I’ve done everything I wanted to do, seen all I wanted to see, shared amazing experiences with those I love, been a great person, and positively impacted as many people as I can along the way.

Worrying about food, weight, and what others might think are things I definitely don’t want to see dominating my life when I look back in years to come. There’s so many more important things to focus on.

Being fit, healthy and feeling good is important, but that doesn’t require perfection. Having healthy habits and enjoying the odd indulgence completely carefree is a much better way to do it in my eyes…

To be happy, do the things you love and do them often. Coaching, learning, travelling, being active, eating amazing food, and spending time with people I love, are things that make me happy.

I’m aiming to enjoy plenty more of all those things in the years to come 🙂

What about you…

What makes you happy?

Are you focused on the best things to create that happiness right now?

If this resonates with you or you need any help, I’d love to hear from you.

Hayley x


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