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The 6-week online transformation program for ladies size 14-22

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Feel happy with your body and wear clothes you love.


Choose and enjoy healthy foods that make you feel great.


Get the tools and knowledge to transform for good

Are you fed up with yo yo dieting?

Tired of depriving yourself to lose weight, only to end up putting it all back on again anyway?

Do you want to focus on HEALTH and ENERGY

Feel more CONFIDENT in both your food choices and your clothes

and give yourself the best chance of living a longer, HAPPIER LIFE?

Change For Life is a group online coaching program where you’ll learn everything you need to know to lose weight while prioritising health, feel at your best, and make changes that last for good.

This year has been incredible!

Since joining the Change for Life programme in January, then doing Personal Training with Hayley, then nervously going it ‘alone’.. I have now never felt or looked better!

Yesterday I bought a dress for New Year’s Eve in a size 12. I was so chuffed! I can’t thank Hayley enough for all the support, knowledge and friendship she has shown me throughout the year. Not only have I managed to shed a bucket load of weight, I also know how to eat sensibly and nutritionally, get back on the wagon when I fall off, plan goals and how to achieve them and enjoy guilt free splurges.

Hayley has helped me gain confidence in what I eat and look like, and encouraged me to exercise for fun as well as to achieve goals. I am now fit, super strong, motivated and happy. Hayley – thank you again so much.


Next program begins 4th March 2019

I’m thrilled to have lost a stone on the 8 week program and another stone in the 2 months since.

It’s lovely to be able to think long term now and know I can make this stick. I’ve learned a lot about food, nutrition and habits, and want to ensure that my health and strength stay with me.

Keeping the momentum going takes a bit of effort and organisation, but you only have to do that for a few minutes every couple of days. I plan my food, partly through greed – I want to know what I’m having that evening! It’s easier then just to eat that. No deprivation involved.

I’m stronger and fitter, and have remembered how much fun it can be to do a physical challenge and be active.

I make the most of all the opportunity and connection with the online group. The accountability has really helped me to think about what I’m eating, and that accountability habit for me has taken a very long time to build.

I’m really excited to see my body change and look so much nicer. I won’t pretend it’s all for health reasons, although my mortality has played a big part in wanting to change!

It’s lovely to choose clothes from the back of the rail and to think about what shows off my shape instead of what hides different bits.

Still more to go, but I feel I’m on it and know I will get there.


I’ve not only lost a considerable amount of weight, I now truly value myself and now know I’m worth it!

I’ve taken up running again, regularly attend Claire Park Run, walk a lot more, eat a lot better as I’m wiser on the nutritional value of food, am more confident, happier and smile a lot more.

I’d yo-yo dieted my whole life and it has always affected my mood and confidence…until now! Food no longer controls me, I control it and that is such an awesome feeling. It’s taken over 50 years to get there but here I am, week 12 with Hayley and the girls and I finally have a healthy relationship with food. I can honestly say that it’s been a life-changing experience.

I think the best thing about the programme is that you can mindfully eat what you want, it makes sense and it’s so simple. Hayley is brilliant! She is caring, compassionate, super knowledgeable and very supportive. That coupled with the support and understanding from the group, weekly check-ins, feedback messages and regular tips and videos from Hayley means that I’d highly recommend her because she quite simply understands and gets it!


This time last year I saw a ‘before and after’ photo on Hayley’s facebook page, of a lady who had lost a lot of weight doing Change For Life, and I thought “next year, that HAS to be me”.

I am so proud to say that this year was my year to do it!

I have lost four stone and am at my initial target size 14 from a size 20 and still happily on the plan.

The whole issue of ‘food’ and diet’ seemed like such a huge black cloud that had loomed over me since I was about 12 years old.

Doing CFL with Hayley has been completely life changing and is without a doubt the best thing I have ever done for myself.

The most important thing for me, and what makes me most proud is that I have given my daughters the best chance of having a more healthy relationship with food than I have had.

I was so desperate to think that they would pick up my eating habits and miss out on loving themselves and doing and trying everything life offers them. There is no stronger incentive than that.

Food now has its correct place in my life. I understand nutrition, how to balance what I eat and how much I do and when I have a treat it tastes better than ever because there’s no shame and no guilt, just well deserved, delicious pleasure without the fear that I won’t be able to stop.

I WANT to eat well, to feel good and be healthy. I don’t want the way I eat to affect my health or the enjoyment (or length!!) of my life any more.

I am proud of myself and who I am now – I can wear the sorts of clothes I like, not just what covers me up.

I will try things and do things with my daughters I would have been too self-conscious to do last year.

I stand in for a photo and actually smile and don’t dread seeing what I look like.

My sister and my friend have also now joined the CFL family and are doing brilliantly, and I can’t imagine ever going back to my old habits. Why on earth would I want to?

I would love to do for someone else what the lady in Hayley’s photos last year did for me.

No matter how much you’ve struggled, if you want to make a change and commit to it – you can do it, trust me.


What’s Included?

Change For Life is a group online coaching program where you’ll learn everything you need to know to lose weight while prioritising health, feel at your best, and make changes that last for good.Our goal is to create a LIFESTYLE that brings you long-term success.

Freedom around food. Knowledge of what works when it comes to health and weight loss. Confidence and empowerment to choose what’s best for you.

You’ll have me as your coach, and be part of a team of women just like you in our private facebook group. You’ll get DAILY support, guidance, motivation and accountability, plus a weekly check in with me to ensure you’re happy and on track.

You’ll also get my weight loss nutrition guide, Healthy Recipe Ebook, and your own personal private online form to record your progress each week. I’ll teach and provide everything you need to know to achieve long-lasting success.

This is NOT about following some crazy diet that makes you feel miserable and gets rapid results that don’t last. Here we focus on building a lifestyle that works, and that you enjoy. So alcohol, chocolate, meals out and takeaways can all fit in!

The goal here is to find a happy, healthy balance, and give you the tools you need to set you up for LIFE.


Daily personal guidance on nutrition


Support and encouragement from Hayley and a team of women just like you in our private facebook group


Regular healthy recipe ideas


Hayley’s 92-page Healthy Recipe Ebook


Hayley’s Weight Loss Nutrition Guide


Easy exercise plans and home workout ideas


Daily motivation and accountability


Email and Whatsapp support when needed


Guidance on how to enjoy your favourite foods while losing weight


Learn how to create a healthy balanced lifestyle, and keep your results for good

change for life! join my next 6 week only programme, starting 4th march 2019


Who I'm looking For

If you become part of my team, I will do everything in my power to help you get results. But you need to be willing and ready to invest in yourself and do the work. Online Coaching requires you to be self-motivated and ready to take action in order to get results. I’ll make it as easy as possible, but I can’t do it for you! The more you are willing to put in to this, the more you will get out. You’ll need to be comfortable with communicating daily in the facebook group, and keeping your progress up to date on your Online Coaching Form once a week.


Do you need to have access to a gym?

No. This program is primarily about food and making healthy lifestyle changes, but you will have your own exercise plan that suits YOU, your current fitness level, and whatever equipment you have available. I can provide you with a plan for training at home or the gym if you have access to one.


Does this sound like just what you need?

This is an Application-only program and spaces are limited to ensure everyone gets the support and guidance that they need. If you are ready to invest in yourself and willing to putting in the time and effort required to see amazing results, please fill out the form by clicking the link below and I will be in touch with you very soon.