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Client Post: 5 Tips for Weight Loss


5 Tips for Weight Loss from an Online Coaching Client

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Like many people, Lizzy has had struggles with finding a sustainable way to lose weight.

We started online coaching together back in March, and she’s made some brilliant progress since then.

These were some of Lizzy’s goals:

  • improve her relationship with food
  • shift her mindset to support her goals
  • lose weight
  • build the habits, knowledge and mindset to keep it off for good

Lizzy recently posted an update in my client facebook group, sharing her progress and a few points that have helped her. It was brilliant to read with some great tips, so I decided to share it here too.

You can read it below, broken down into two parts.

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Lizzy’s Facebook post

Bit of a progress report. At my weekly check-in with Hayley this week I realised that I have lost exactly 10kg since starting with her at the end of March. And a total of just over 16kgs since starting my “weight-loss journey” at the end of August 2020.


I quite like all the data, so wanted to point out that it averages out as a little under a pound a week for 45 weeks. All the small amounts of weight loss really do add up in the long run.


There’s something in Chasing Cupcakes about how one penny doesn’t seem much at first, but if you find a penny every day and save it then eventually it becomes a lot. I thought that was quite true.


I could have gone down quicker, and I did have a blip where I had lost about 10kgs then put back on 5kgs (hence starting with Hayley).


What’s been different this time in shaking the weight?

walking for weight loss

5 Tips for Weight Loss

1) the small, slow mindset shift. I question myself much more about if the less nutritional food is really worth it. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn’t.


2) I am not completely rigid. The odd pepperoni pizza is inhaled on a Friday night, but then I think of the 80/20% rule. And I try not to get into the guilt spiral. The next day I can make better choices.


I like that idea of the day being split into 4 quarters. So if you make a poor choice at one time, it doesn’t mean the whole day is written off food wise. (I am working on this one – not always perfect).


3) my Fitbit. I bought this about 4 weeks ago and my average steps are up from 3/4000 per day to 10/11000 per day.


If I haven’t hit my 10k steps by the end of the day, I am now known to walk in circles around my room before bedtime.


And the extra walking has so many other benefits – time outdoors, breathing, thinking space and a very happy dog.

walking for weight loss

4) the books and podcasts. On my long walks I often listen to Hayley’s latest podcast or an audiobook, like Chasing Cupcakes.


They just reinforce the messages about making the right choices and being kinder to myself.


5) frozen vegetables. I replied to someone else’s question on here earlier about this and I realise that these have been my secret weapon.


I always have vegetables and never have an excuse not to eat them as the freezer is full of prepped vegetables that I can just throw in a pan and fill my plate.

Hope everyone else is doing well!


5 Tips for Weight Loss – How this can apply to you

Lizzy has now lost another kilo since posting this message.

I love this post, and I hope there are some useful points you can take from it.

One big thing – as Lizzy pointed out, her progress averages out at just under a pound a week.

That included some weeks where nothing changed, and where it would have been really easy for Lizzy to see it as ‘too slow’ and give up.

But because she kept going, she’s now lost a fantastic 17kg (that’s 2 stone 9 and a half pounds, or 37.5lbs) in 45 weeks, and is well on her way to reaching her goal and keeping the results.


Small changes add up

weight loss success

Each point Lizzy made in the post is something that really can make a difference to progress over time.

– Asking ‘is this worth it?’ when it comes to indulgent food choices (and if it is, enjoying it guilt-free)

– Aiming to be consistent, not perfect. Being ok with the odd off-plan choice; just getting back on track and keeping going.

– Tracking your steps. Walking is a hugely underrated tool for weight loss, as well as providing a huge boost to physical and mental health.

A considerable chunk of Lizzy’s progress has come from her gradually increasing her average steps from around 3-4k to around 10k.

– Reading or listening to books that help improve your mindset and shift your perspective (Chasing Cupcakes by Elizabeth Benton is a great one). And listening to podcasts like Think Healthy with Hayley.


Simple changes to make weight loss easier

easy foods for weight loss
Some easy back up foods in my kitchen – protein bars, low calorie snack bars, portioned out chocolate, frozen fruit and veg, low calorie ice creams, and 5% fat frozen chips

– Setting up your environment so that healthy choices are easier to make in the moment.

Keeping frozen vegetables in stock is a brilliant example of this. 

Other examples that clients have found helpful –

  • keeping protein powder and protein bars in stock for quick and easy meals or snacks
  • having an emergency ready meal in the freezer
  • having a pre-planned super easy back-up meal, for when you don’t have much time or energy to cook (examples could be egg or beans on toast, a stir fry, or fajitas)
  • making fruit or protein (e.g. Greek yogurt, babybel, meat slices, protein shake) the default snack choices, and ensuring you have at least some of those in stock
  • keeping a protein bar in your bag when out and about
  • cooking extra portions of dinner to have for lunch, or as an easy future dinner


To sum up 5 tips for weight loss

These are 5 tips for weight loss that have made a difference for many of my clients.

There are many similar tips that have helped too, with a common theme behind each of them:

They are small changes, that feel doable and sustainable.

When you make changes like that, you build habits that last.

And when you build habits that last, you’ve built a lifestyle that leads to lasting success.


If you need any help to reach your goals, find out more about online coaching here:


Benefits of Having an Online Weight Loss Coach

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