Client Results

"I have lost 3 stone and learnt so much about habits and mindset"

"I started working with Hayley after many years of trying, and failing, to lose weight on my own through various different diets. I often felt like there was something wrong with me for knowing that I needed to essentially eat less and exercise more, but never being able to follow through with actually doing it.

With Hayley’s excellent guidance and support I have not only lost 3 stone but, much more importantly to me now than the number on the scale, I have learned so much about habits and mindset. I now look at food as something to be enjoyed rather than something I can or can’t have because it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’. I also now know that consistency is far more important than perfection, and that a bar of unplanned chocolate will not ruin my entire day.

At the same time as working on my mindset around food, I have been able to build up my running and supplement it with the excellent home and gym workouts that Hayley provides. These are set at just the right level, with it not feeling so hard that I never want to do it again but challenging enough to get the satisfaction of seeing real progress over time.

I highly recommend Hayley as someone who is incredibly patient, supportive, and a pleasure to work with to achieve your goals through long lasting change."



"I'm 25lbs down with a better relationship with food, and no longer have high cholesterol"

"I really appreciate everything I have learned in the 6 months we've worked together. I feel confident about managing my health going forward and have the tools I need to make changes as needed.

I'm so excited to have lost 25 pounds and a total of 22 inches! My big win was finding out my cholesterol lowered by 60 points and I am completely within a healthy range for the first time in years.

My aches and pains have disappeared and my energy levels are where they were 15 years ago. My mindset on food and exercise has completely changed, and I don't feel at war with food, or myself, anymore- a peace which is reflected in a more positive attitude overall. Thank you for all of your support and motivation!"


"Hayley has helped me reset my mindset around food and get onto a healthy lifelong path"

"I met Hayley in January last year and we have worked together for a year. I had been searching for a sensible coach for a while but I struggled to find someone who understood nutrition and movement, who wasn't giving 'fad' 'expert' advice. Hayley was a breath of fresh air, she helped me reset my mindset around food and helped me discard the noise from so many fad diets I have tried.
She helped me understand that I wanted a long-term sustainable way of life rather than yo-yoing between 'good' and 'bad'. That meant self-care as well as hard work and she coached me to achieve the goals I wanted.

She helped me identify 'grey area drinking' something I didn't even know existed and helped me find the path I wanted to take, which has been life-changing. She modified my exercises to take into account my many injuries and I've now got an established permanent movement routine.
Hayley is a one off, she listens, she has a wealth of experience and is an expert coach. She has helped me get onto a healthy lifelong path and has happily waved me on my way as I can now sustain my lifestyle on my own with the toolkit she has helped me build. I can't recommend her highly enough, she has changed my life forever."



"I am in a much better place mentally as well as physically than I ever have been."

"Over the years I have done most diets. Weight watchers, slimming world, Cambridge diet, Atkins, Stockholm diet, Keto, fasting diets. I can’t remember the half of them.  

By Summer 2023 I was struggling with my weight and relationship with food, and found Hayley's website. Since starting online coaching, I have a better relationship with food. No food is off limits now. I can bring any foods into my house now without the fear of overeating or binging on them.


The weekly check ins are invaluable to go over struggles that you may have encountered over the week. Also having Hayley looking over my food diary to give me little pointers as to what I can do to improve my nutrition really helped.

And the fitness app that we use for our workouts - seeing progress with weights and reps going up is a massive boost. It's great to see how far I have progressed, and I have done the majority of my exercise at home and not in a gym. I also love the monthly recipe’s and listening to Hayley’s podcasts.

Speak to Hayley if you are struggling. In the past 12 weeks I have lost 21lbs, 20cm from my waist, dropped a dress size, and got fitter and stronger. My relationship with food is so much better. I am in a much better place mentally as well as physically than I ever have been."



"3 stone down and a much healthier relationship with food"

“I had spent decades losing and regaining the same weight. At 50 years old, I was very overweight, unhealthy and very unhappy about it all. I knew I couldn’t continue the same cycle of restriction, loss and inevitable gain. I had tried every diet going and wanted to find a different approach and to stop dieting.

Online Coaching with Hayley was where I turned, and I have learned so much from it. The fundamental thing Hayley helped me change was my mindset and my ‘all or nothing’ thinking. Hayley gave me feedback on my food and activity diary which helped me make small but accumulative improvements. She has expert knowledge of nutrition and fitness – especially regarding perimenopause – and translates this into doable actions.


I didn’t feel like I was making huge leaps or overly restricting at any point. Simple steps such as taking time to think whether a food choice was worth it, was this the best thing I could have, did I really want it….. these thoughts have stayed with me and definitely help me change my behaviour around food.

I no longer see food as good or bad – I now have a much healthier relationship with my body and food. Having lost over 3 stone and 3 dress sizes over the last 8 months, online coaching has given me so much more confidence in the new stronger, healthier me.
I cannot recommend Hayley highly enough. She is amazingly kind, a wonderful cheerleader, and helped me turn a bad day or an overeating episode into an opportunity to learn, and still keep moving towards the future me! If you are thinking of working with Hayley, please do it; you will not regret it!”



"Coaching with Hayley has transformed my relationship with food and mindset towards nutrition"

Hayley is such a fantastic coach. She has completely transformed my relationship with food and my overall mindset towards nutrition. From the very beginning, she has been incredibly competent, demonstrating a deep understanding of nutritional science and fitness.

Her extensive knowledge has helped me better understand how my body works in relation to food and exercise, making it easier for me to make informed choices that benefit my health.

What truly sets Hayley apart though is her compassion and non-judgmental approach. She creates a safe, supportive environment where I feel comfortable sharing my struggles and wins. Her empathetic nature and genuine care for my well-being have made all the difference in my journey.


With her support, I have not only improved my nutrition and lost 1 stone in weight, but also gained a more positive and balanced outlook on food. If you're looking for a coach who is knowledgeable, compassionate and truly invested in your success, I highly recommend Hayley. She really is exceptional at what she does."


"I've lost weight without dieting and built a healthy relationship with food"

“For  years I struggled to have a healthy relationship with food. I exercised and followed diets every now and then.  My BMI was in the normal range, but I wanted to work with Hayley to change the relationship I had with food and be comfortable around food. I did the three months programme with her. She went through everything I ate in a week and gave a comprehensive feedback.

 She taught me how to lose weight without dieting and how to have a healthy relationship with food. I listened to her podcasts and followed her on Instagram as well. She always encouraged me to do strengthening exercises and use weights. If I had any questions I could text her anytime. She is very friendly. I have learned a lot from her, and I highly recommend her to anyone, not only to people who want to lose weight also to anyone who would like to have a healthy relationship with food."


online weight loss coach

"I have learnt so much about good habits, nutrition and fitness"

"Before working with Hayley, I would try these crazy diets that I just couldn’t stick to, my weight would fluctuate and I would feel guilty after over indulging. However Hayley has massively helped me to overcome that.

I found the support super helpful, and have learnt so much about good habits and nutrition and fitness. Hayley has taught me to find the positives out of my week, and to not dwell on the negatives.


I have really appreciated the positive outlook I've been guided to create around food. It's helped me to not feel guilty about eating certain foods, and allow myself to have those small pleasures in life without over-indulging and regretting it the next day.

This was a game changer for me, and I feel a lot happier within myself for it. I have learned a lot about the kind of foods and meals that work well for me on my fat loss journey.

Hayley has been a great motivation when it comes to exercise as well, I stuck to her plans and found I was getting stronger each week. This has been the longest that I have been consistently active. Previously, I would have stopped eating well and exercising after about 1 month but I have managed to stay consistent for 4 months now.

Without Hayley I don’t think I would be where I am now… I lost 1st in 3 months and have noticed significant differences in my body and my mindset. Thank you Hayley!"



"If you’re thinking of working with Hayley, then do!"

For years I had been vowing that this would be the one where I got back into all my Winter/Summer clothes and somehow another year went by without it happening.

In Autumn last year, I finally contacted Hayley to make enquiries but unbelievably, still didn’t sign up. However, even at that first stage, Hayley demonstrated how supportive and encouraging she is. She applied zero pressure on me to commit to anything but sign-posted me to lots of free resources and her brilliant Podcast.

Finally in January, I realised that if I could drop the pounds on my own, I would have done it by now and so I started working with Hayley. From the very first call, Haley understood who I was and what I needed from her to be successful.

She encouraged, held me accountable but also helped me to discover what was the best way to eat and move for me – it’s not a one-size-fit-all approach. The weekly check-ins and reflections made all the difference, and I found myself really looking forward to that weekly half hour to keep me on track and make progress.

Somehow the three months just flew by, and I now fit into all my old clothes again which has really bought me a lot of happiness; the joy of opening my wardrobe and thinking ‘what do I fancy wearing?’ rather than ‘What can I squeeze into?’ really makes for a great start to the day.
However, the biggest surprise has been the change to my overall well-being and energy levels. Before I started with Hayley, I thought these were just fine, I was already quite sporty and not especially overweight. However, this is the best I have ever felt since having children nearly 17 years ago and I’m just getting so much more done.

If you’re like I was and keep reading these reviews thinking you’d like to sign up but feeling you have a family and can’t justify the money, or that if you just try a little bit harder or try another new eating plan you can do it this time, then all I can say is, don’t waste another year of your life – just sign up. Working with Hayley is an investment that you and your whole family will benefit from.
I feel like I’m setting a really good example to my teenage daughter, I have the energy when I get in from work to be present with my children and I’ve even picked up some old hobbies. And of course, it is a LOT cheaper than replacing your wardrobe. Thank you, Hayley!



"Coaching from Hayley was one of the best decisions I've ever made."

I've been losing and then gaining weight for many years now and I was exhausted and needed help stopping that cycle. Hayley taught me a lot about food composition, the impact on my body and how to navigate eating out without feeling like I'd lost control.

 I've lost fat, no longer feel guilt or shame when I choose to eat something not that nutritious and I'm the fittest I've been in years. I achieved all this without counting a single calorie which is still a revelation to me. All that space in my brain taking up by counting calories is free to focus on my life.

I no longer see food as good or bad, or starve myself during the week so I can eat out at the weekends. I feel great and for the first time in my 40 years, I feel in control of my body.



"I think I can safely say Hayley has changed my life."

"After being concerned about eating healthily for my age (I turned 60 this year) and wanting to lose about half a stone, I signed up with Hayley just before Christmas (I know!!) 2021.
I think I can safely say Hayley has changed my life.⁣⁣

 Through her encouragement, advice and motivation (never judgemental) I now feel that the food I put into my body and the workouts, exercise and sleep are more important to me than what it says on the scales. My mindset has completely changed; I am much more relaxed about social eating and drinking, knowing it can still fit into a healthy lifestyle.
I'm feeling quite good about my fitness, strength and my body shape now, and did manage to lose that half a stone too!
Highly recommended!"



"It is such a gift to be at peace in my mind with food"

“I started with Hayley at the beginning of February 2022. My goal was to not be controlled by emotional eating, lose weight and be fitter. I felt a bit lost on what food was good for my body. I felt my body had changed since going into my 40s and the perimenopause.


 3 months on, I don’t recognise the person I was in February! I am no longer beating myself up mentally for eating ‘bad’ food (e.g., chocolate) because chocolate is no longer seen as ‘bad’. It is just chocolate. If I want some, then I consider why, and will mindfully eat the chocolate.

Due to the guidance Hayley has given me to provide me with a balanced, nutritious diet, I am no longer hungry in between meals. So, the pull to eat chocolate because I am hungry is no longer there. I used to also eat chocolate and sugary snacks after a difficult session with a client (I am a counsellor), or something else had upset me.

My mind told me that ‘I deserve a treat, to reward or cheer myself up’. My mind no longer thinks like that. I had a difficult session the other day, and I had a fruit tea, then went back to work. I didn’t even think about having a ‘reward treat’. Chocolate now sits in the cupboard, like any other food item.

Previously going on diets, I would have binge ate all the ‘bad’ foods, before starting on my diet. This is no longer the case. No food is off limits. It is instead, deciding 'do I want to eat it' and if so, plan it into my day. It is about consistency each day, and I have not ‘blown it’ if I have a day, I eat a lot of food that are high in calories.

It is such a gift to be at peace in my mind over food, after years of ‘on and off’ dieting. In the 3 months I have lost 8lbs, and enjoying a stronger, fitter body that will carry me into my 50s!”



"49lbs down, and enjoying the foods I love guilt-free"

I have been working with Hayley since March 2021 after many years of yoyo dieting.

When I found Hayley’s website, it really spoke to me. I could see that here was someone who would understand the concerns of a 49-year old woman – aging, approaching menopause, busy life with teenage children, work and too many commitments.


Some of the best aspects of the journey: discovering mindful eating, not trying to be perfect, the support and encouragement in the Facebook group, enjoying food without feeling guilty, and making exercise and getting fit a pleasure, not a chore.

The weekly check-ins have been so helpful, with feedback on my week tailored specifically to me.

Since starting to work with Hayley in March, I have lost 49lbs and reached my goal weight for the first time. I have shifted the way I eat for the better, and walk more than ever before.

But most importantly, I allow myself to eat some of the higher calorie, less nutritious foods and it does not mean that my healthy eating is over.

I choose when to have some delicious cake, and the next meal I make a less sugar filled choice and continue. I don’t let it derail me. This is why I truly believe that I have lost the weight properly and sustainably.

One of my goals when I started was to be able to tuck in my tops into my trousers. I always tuck my tops in now for the first time in my life, and I feel confident doing it!

Thank you, Hayley, for all your support.



"Working with Hayley was a wonderful and rewarding experience, and I'm so glad that I decided to do this for myself!" ⁣

Over the last five months, I have achieved my goals of losing weight (12 pounds and 3.5 inches around my midsection) while gaining strength, and so much more. I was fortunate to have a lot of equipment at home but was totally new to strength training.


⁣"Hayley developed a training program for me, guided me through the exercises, adapted them when necessary and continued to challenge me. She was available to answer my many questions, and check my form via videos to make sure that I was doing the exercises correctly.

I have not only gained strength but also a lot of knowledge and confidence, and really look forward to my three strength training sessions each week. I am now doing exercises that I never thought I would be able to do and am lifting more weight than I ever imagined (e.g. barbell sumo deadlifts with over 100 lbs and full push ups for the first time ever!), and am continuing to make progress every week.

Hayley encouraged me to walk daily, which I love to do while listening to a podcast (another thing that she introduced me to!). I gained a much better understanding of calories and the importance of eating enough protein but have not felt restricted nutrition wise and still enjoy the same treats.

I feel stronger and much happier with my body (and in general!), and know that I will continue to stick with the sensible and sustainable habits that Hayley helped me develop for the rest of my life."



"I have lost 60lbs so far and can honestly say it has been without deprivation or a painful exercise regime (my previous default system)." ⁣

Life is so much better after learning not to use food as an emotional crutch. ⁣

I've just achieved my goal holiday of 6 days of walking in the fabulous Lake District. Around 180,000 steps completed and me and the dogs have been up pretty high. ⁣


⁣9 months ago it was hard to walk more than 20 minutes without major back pain setting in. I'm very proud how far I've come."⁣


"From start to finish the coaching with Hayley has been one of the best things I've done! Her support & encouragement throughout has been amazing. Such a positive experience which resulted in me reaching my goal weight loss.

I want to thank Hayley for her support, for listening to me waffle on during our zoom calls, for all the helpful suggestions not only about food choices but about mindset, podcasts to listen to, books to read - it's definitely given me tools to use going forward.


Hayley's coaching techniques are gentle, yet firm and always positive. 100% recommended!"


Working with Hayley has absolutely turned my life around. I asked her for accountability and I got that in spades with regular check-ins and ongoing review of my food and exercise diary.

“She never judged me and when I had a few difficult days over Christmas she helped me see this was not a complete disaster, merely a temporary blip.


She gave me consistently good advice and motivation, even when I resisted some of her exercise suggestions!
I have lost 28lbs, dropped 2 dress sizes, and found my own way through Hayley's guidance. Now I feel confident enough to continue with the tools and knowledge I've gained. I cannot recommend too highly partnering up with her!"



For the last 10 years I've wasted time and money doing fad diets, doing well short term but then as soon as I went slightly off plan, gained the weight back, plus a bit more, and came away learning nothing.

“Then I found Hayley and it all changed! She gives you the knowledge and tools you need for sustainable weight loss.


These include mindset, nutrition, exercise, health, habit building and generally how to have a more fulfilling lifestyle.

I am halfway through my journey and have lost just over 2 stone.

I am a mother of a young child and I have two chronic illnesses but this wasn't an issue as Hayley supported me and understood my challenges.

I want anyone considering working with Hayley to just do it because it IS possible to lose weight, get healthy, be happy AND still enjoy chocolate!”



It’s made such an incredible difference & I’m building long-term healthy habits

"I started online coaching with Hayley in January 2019. I was really keen to get fit, get stronger and lose weight, but I also wanted it to be sustainable.

I’d always done some exercise but Hayley really encouraged the weights, I got a set of dumbells & started off, very quickly I loved the home workouts. It’s made a huge difference to my fitness, strength, and tone.⁣

I’m a busy mum, but I set my alarm (in case the children aren’t up!) for 6 and get a home session in before the day kicks off, it sets me up for the day & has become a routine.⁣

Hayley’s advice and support is fabulous. I don’t think I’m dieting or depriving myself of anything. ⁣Being able to make good nutrition and exercise choices has really changed my thinking and keeping the consistency going. ⁣

I am really enjoying the journey and feeling as fit as I am. Seeing these photos a year apart is really motivating too.⁣

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Hayley, it’s made such an incredible difference & I’m building long-term healthy habits.


I’m full of energy, enjoy life to the full, and no back pain!

"In January 2019 I felt that my weight made me like a disabled person. I was so limited physically, had back pain, and didn’t like myself. I followed Hayley but put off getting help from her because I couldn’t cope with having a photo taken! ⁣


By March I made the decision that I didn’t want to limit my life & be in pain any longer. I signed up for online coaching with Hayley. I could just about walk 3000 steps, but Hayley said 10,000 would be good so that’s what I did! ⁣
Having yo-yo dieted all my life Hayley’s way took some getting used too, now it’s my way of life. I plan my week, specially any difficult days. I eat delicious colourful meals, enjoy things I used to think of as “bad” occasionally with no guilt. Not complicated but with support it really helps. I needed to be accountable, but I also love the encouragement and advice whenever I need it.⁣

I still have lots to lose but I love this journey, it’s changed my life. I walk early every morning & love it. I can exercise, I’m full of energy, enjoy life to the full, and no back pain! I have confidence & joy in life. So many adventures to be had in 2020.


I'm 50lbs down!

50lbs down, 50 to go… but feeling amazing! Who knew that just planning your food in advance could make such a difference – such a simple thing to do and I can honestly say it is the route to my success so far.


I am back to loving the gym, shopping in ‘normal’ shops & even starting to like what I see in the mirror. Can’t wait to see what the next few months brings. Thanks Hayley.”⁣⁣


I have lost 4 stone

"Doing CFL with Hayley has been completely life changing and is without a doubt the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have lost 4 stone and am at my initial target size 14 from a size 20 and still happily on the plan.

The most important thing for me, and what makes me most proud is that I have given my daughters the best chance of having a more healthy relationship with food than I have had.


I was so desperate to think that they would pick up my eating habits and miss out on loving themselves and doing and trying everything life offers them. There is no stronger incentive than that.

Food now has its correct place in my life. I understand nutrition, how to balance what I eat and how much I do and when I have a treat it tastes better than ever because there’s no shame and no guilt, just well deserved, delicious pleasure without the fear that I won’t be able to stop.

I WANT to eat well, to feel good and be healthy. I don’t want the way I eat to affect my health or the enjoyment (or length!!) of my life any more.

I am proud of myself and who I am now – I can wear the sorts of clothes I like, not just what covers me up.

I will try things and do things with my daughters I would have been too self-conscious to do last year.

I stand in for a photo and actually smile and don’t dread seeing what I look like.

No matter how much you’ve struggled, if you want to make a change and commit to it – you can do it, trust me."


My mental and emotional well-being has benefited so much

"Before starting online coaching, I was struggling with pretty much constant binge eating. Hungry and tired after work, I’d got myself into a habit of eating a big bar of chocolate on the bus on the way home from work after being ‘good’ until that point in the day. Then, disappointed, I’d cheer myself up with anything else I fancied, thinking I’d start tomorrow/next week/after my holiday. The thought of having to deny myself the things I craved and the three stone I wanted to lose was too much.


From the start of the plan, some of the food and focus of what I was eating and doing was different, so it gave me something else to think about other than craving unhealthy foods. I could think about colours on the plate, new recipes and different flavours of protein products that I’d never tried before, as well as all the positive actions I was taking to make myself fit and healthy.

All I had been focusing on before that had been the foods that I couldn’t eat, and feeling a failure when I couldn’t maintain it. I found out from Hayley that I’d been doing so many things the hard way... 20 years of the same light, not very nutritious breakfast that left me hungry mid-morning and not exercising effectively as the gym to name just two.

The biggest difference is that the time to get back on track has got shorter. It’s not possible to eat ‘perfect’ healthy meals and snacks and work out every day, but you don’t have to. All of the points that Hayley teaches you, together, make up a healthy lifestyle. If you slide on one thing, make it up on another, and keep going.

But it took me time to learn, and I couldn’t have done it without the support and reminders and solutions. There are so many things you do that affect your health, weight and well-being. They aren’t the same for everyone. Juggling is easy when it doesn’t matter that you fumble and drop things sometimes. My energy and strength are so much better. ‘Off plan’ can stop at the next choice you make, and you never ‘ruin’ it.

My mindset has finally shifted away from the ‘I’ve ruined it now’ and ‘I’ll start again on Monday’. I walk on my lunch breaks, I think about nutrition and how long something will fill me up for. I think of all the ‘wins’ I can chalk up in a day. I love getting up ridiculously early once a week to have long walks and proper gossips with my sister without losing too much of the day. I also love the same thing alone with an audiobook! The entire experience with Hayley is twice as good as my mental and emotional well-being has benefited so much too.”⁣⁣


I’ve not only lost nearly two stone, I now truly value myself and now know I’m worth it!

"Since joining Hayley’s Change For Life Programme, I’ve not only lost nearly two stone, I now truly value myself and now know I’m worth it! I’ve taken up running again, regularly attend Claire Park Run, walk a lot more, eat a lot better as I’m wiser on the nutritional value of food, am more confident, happier and smile a lot more.


I’d yo-yo dieted my whole life and it has always affected my mood and confidence…until now! Food no longer controls me, I control it and that is such an awesome feeling. It’s taken over 50 years to get there but here I am, week 12 with Hayley and the girls and I finally have a healthy relationship with food. I can honestly say that it’s been a life-changing experience.

I think the best thing about the programme is that you can mindfully eat what you want, it makes sense and it’s so simple. Hayley is brilliant! She is caring, compassionate, super knowledgeable and very supportive. That coupled with the support and understanding from the group, weekly check-ins, feedback messages and regular tips and videos from Hayley means that I’d highly recommend her because she quite simply understands and gets it!"


Lots of people have commented on how much weight I have lost, but most importantly how great I look with it

"I can’t believe how well Hayley’s online coaching program has worked for me! Lots of people have commented on how much weight I have lost, but most importantly how great I look with it. My clothes fit better and tops I had stopped wearing because they clung around my tummy now hang so much better and don’t make me look big anymore.


I wanted to lose my tummy as well as some weight. I had never taken action before as I thought it would be too hard and I would never stick to it. To be honest I had half a stone in mind as I thought I would not be able to lose any more than that. I hated the way clothes hung around my tummy and always made me look bigger than I thought I was!

I would definitely call this a diet lifestyle change rather than going on a diet and I have not counted calories once! I would say to anyone thinking they don’t have time, to go for it as Hayley will tailor the fitness to whatever you can do. Her food plans and tips are brilliant especially for what to keep around the house so you never have to fall off the wagon.

I love how I can also still enjoy alcohol and eating out and I have learnt that I have to just plan and adjust elsewhere.

Before doing this I thought I had to calorie count and slog it out in gym sessions with a personal trainer to lose weight but this has been a much less stressful way to do it for me personally. And I know I will keep it up as it has been a lifestyle change rather than a diet fad.

I cannot thank Hayley enough for sharing her knowledge and expertise.”


I got married in a dress I couldn’t get into a few months earlier

"I want to say a massive thank you to Hayley for all her help over the last few months.

I got married in a dress I couldn’t get into a few months earlier (and was since taken in loads!) and I’ve even had strangers at work asking how I’ve lost so much weight.

I’m about to go on honeymoon, armed with a training plan and may even wear a bikini. None of which would have happened if Hayley hadn’t of pushed me the whole way!

Thanks a million!"


I have totally changed my shape and I feel fab

"What can I say about working with Hayley Plummer online, amazing ! I have totally changed my shape and I feel fab. I have far exceeded my expectations and now feel years of yo-yo dieting and hours of cardio are firmly in the past!


I have only done this with Hayley’s support and advice which is available 24/7 even when she is on holiday! Nothing is too much trouble and I cannot recommend her online coaching programme enough. I am 53 and no skinny mini and if I can achieve the fantastic results that I have anybody can!”