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Client Success Stories


What does it take to lose weight in a healthy way?

These clients have all achieved brilliant results and are keeping the weight off (or continuing to lose more).

So I thought I’d ask them to sum up what it takes, and what you need, to experience long term success.

Here’s what they had to say…


‘You have to have the right mindset from the start and really want to make changes.

The thing that made the most difference to me was thinking in terms of lifestyle changes to benefit my overall health rather than ‘being on a diet’.

That way, if you have a week where you don’t lose weight, then it doesn’t matter; there isn’t that cycle of failure, guilt and then giving up. Instead you focus on the positives and carry on.

Knowing there is someone there to support you with that change in outlook makes a real difference too.’



‘Accountability, consistency, more weights less cardio, more protein, less carbs, oh yes and an awesome mentor / coach!

I feel fab and have far exceeded my expectations. I now feel years of yo-yo dieting and hours of cardio are firmly in the past!’



‘Consistency and planning ahead is a big key to success!

And finding what works for you as it wont be the same for everyone. 

Before doing Hayley’s online program I thought I had to calorie count and slog it out in gym sessions with a personal trainer to lose weight, but I learned that doesn’t have to be the case.

I love how I can also still enjoy alcohol and eating out, and I have learnt that I have to just plan and adjust elsewhere.

The best thing is I know I will keep it up as it has been a lifestyle change rather than a fad diet.’



‘The key things I’d say is getting some support and guidance and asking questions when you’re not sure. Everyone knows that food intake and activity are the key things to balance out to lose weight, but I was surprised how hard that actually was on my own.

I’ve always eaten well and exercised but the baby weight wasn’t shifting and I didn’t know how to shave the calories down without feeling like I’m missing out and starving. With the help of Hayley and the online support of the other women I’ve managed to enjoy family meals and eating out without being deprived.

Weights training has worked wonders at sculpting and toning my mummy tummy as well as the rest of my body. I’m stronger and fitter all round and finding it 100% easier dealing with the stresses and joys of having a young family.

Accountability, guidance and support really helped me find that balance and be able to continue living life too!’




‘I truly believe knowledge, perseverance and trust is the key to losing weight successfully.

Knowledge of food balances and calories, and how exercise will affect your body inside and out.

Perseverance to keep going when you don’t really feel like it, or need to say no to some foods, and especially when you need to dig deep for one last tough rep in the gym.

And trust in both yourself, your trainer and the fact that even when inconsistencies happen, when you keep doing the right thing the results will come.’


So there you have it…

Consistency, support, accountability, and mindset pop up a few times there.

No crazy diets, no ‘perfect plan’ to follow, and no constant restriction of all their favourite foods.

These ladies have all achieved fantastic results while still enjoying meals out, takeaways, wine and chocolate 🙂 

Because they had guidance and support, they knew how to balance things out, and didn’t feel the need to throw in the towel believing they’d ‘ruined it’.

Because they had accountability, they kept going, ate healthy foods, did regular exercise and stayed on track MOST of the time.

Because they consistently did the right things most of the times, they created habits and routines that lead to fantastic results.

And by developing a positive mindset around their journey –

  • using food for nourishment rather than punishment
  • choosing to have a bit of what they fancied now and again
  • doing exercise that fits their lifestyle
  • supporting each other and starting to believe in themselves

they ENJOYED the process, and are still continuing it now.


Is this what you’re looking for?

Have you been yo-yo dieting for years?

Are you fed up of constantly worrying about food, hiding under baggy clothes, and never being satisfied with how you look?

Do you want to change all that, start looking after your body, get fit and healthy, feel confident, and know you’ve got this nailed?

You CAN do that.

With guidance and support, it’s a lot easier than you think. 

Change For Life is my ladies online program designed to help you do just that. More info on the link below:

Change For Life Online Coaching

If you’d like to register your interest for the next group, are looking for help or have any questions, just send me a message via the link below.

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