Bespoke training designed personally for you, your lifestyle and your goals.



If you’re looking to turn up to a session, have a trainer stand over you and beast you for an hour, crawl home and then not hear from them again until next week when you do it all over again, I’m not a great fit for you.
I work with women who want to get healthy, happy, fit and strong, and who are looking for more a coach, not a trainer.
In my eyes, a trainer takes you through a workout, gives you a few tips on nutrition, and that’s it.
A coach guides, supports and really gets to know you as the unique person you are, to find out what will help you best achieve your goals.
You have your own story, preferences, your own health and lifestyle factors, and these all affect the path we’ll take to get you there.

If you’re looking to:

Break free from yo-yo dieting
Lose weight and keep it off for good
Gain health, energy, fitness and strength
Feel confident and toned in smaller clothes
Experience the many benefits of lifting weights safely and effectively
Have fun doing all of the above
I’d love to hear from you.

With me as your coach, you and I become a team.

Through personal training, you’ll have expert guidance in the gym, alongside all the outside support with nutrition and mindset that you need.

I’d tried training before and it was the only thing that made me exercise regularly.
I didn’t last long with previous trainers as they literally did the hour’s session where they stuck me on fixed resistance machines, cardio and the power plate, and off I went back to bad habits.
The work you did with me on nutrition, mindset and of course lifting weights changed me for life.

What’s Included?

Our sessions together are held at Performance Project private Personal Training gym in Haywards Heath.

The aim of us working together is to help you get to where you want to be, while giving you all the knowledge and tools you need to keep your results for life.

Personal Training packages range from £220 – £540 per month


1 – 3 Personal Training sessions each week at Performance Project private gym


Bespoke training plan, designed around you and your goals.


Nutrition support and guidance throughout the week, tailored to your goals, preferences and lifestyle


Access to Performance Project private members only Facebook group, and Invitation to Performance Project members-only events held throughout the year


Weekly check in – a chance to review your week, notice progress, celebrate wins and make plans for the week ahead. You’ll receive personal feedback on each check in, offering advice and encouragement to ensure you’re happy and heading in the right direction


Free access to Performance Project members classes – HIIT (throughout the week), boxing and yoga (Saturday mornings)


All the support, guidance and encouragement you need to achieve your goals while enjoying the process.

For me it was – and remains – the personal touch.
The relationship I have built with you is the biggest draw for me. There is a lot of trust and mutual respect and you always have time for me.
I found the corporate, machine-like attitude of Weight Watchers and other gyms I have belonged to (Virgin, Fitness First) to be completely impersonal. I was just a number, a subscription, not an individual with specific needs and a specific history.
I feel very cared for by you and the fact you like food – and understand how much I like (and abuse food) is a real plus.

Life is too short to not live it the way you want to.

To enjoy food, get strong, and start creating the best version of you, get in touch via the form below.