August 4

Confidence back and a new zest for life



“Just wanted to say thank you for another great session and for all that you are doing and have done for me this past month. In such a short space of time I’ve got my confidence back in my body and mind and feel good about myself again, which in turn is helping me now take care of my husband and daughter.

Before I was so wrapped up and worried about how I looked, what I was eating, why was I always hungry, feeling bloated, having stomach issues and generally not happy. Now I feel so much better about everything and the fact I am only just at the start of my journey and learning so much and loving it all!

I have a new zest for life and I wanted to thank you for being so caring, helpful and just amazing!!”

Got this amazing email out of the blue yesterday from one my newest clients yesterday.

A lovely lady who just like a lot of people was stuck.
Confused about what she should be eating, 
struggling to manage her hunger,
generally feeling unhappy in her body
and struggling to get past her lack of confidence to enjoy the really important things in life.

In a month of working together we’ve seen a ton of great progress just from simplifying nutrition and balancing calorie intake with the amount of exercise done during the week.

And we’re focusing on getting strong in the gym.
Seeing yourself improve every week is hugely motivating and empowering.

The difference these things have made is just awesome.

‘Confidence back in body and mind’
‘feeling good about myself again’
‘now taking more care of husband and daughter’
‘learning so much and loving it all’
‘a new zest for life’


I was beaming from ear to ear reading that message.

Such a great thing to see and I can’t wait to see how the next few months unfold for this lady.
We’re just getting started 🙂

Another example of the benefits of weights training is my client Kate:

“When I started working with Hayley in March and got my first weight training plan little did I know that less than 6 months on it would have given me so much.
So much strength, so much power and so much belief and on so many levels.

I find each training session hard but lifting weights has made me believe I can get stronger and achieve heavier weights by taking it one step at a time and doing one more rep or adding one more kg. 
I’m lifting weights I couldn’t have believed.

Before the progressive training plans over the past few months I had never been anywhere close to being able to doing a pull up and recently I achieved it!

It was the most exciting exhilarating feeling and now I’m working on building up to 5 and although to some that doesn’t seem a lot, to me it’s amazing! Weight training and good nutrition has changed my figure and allow me to have more freedom over my body and life but it’s more the effect on me mentally that has changed immeasurably.

Because of weights I feel like I have the strength to achieve anything if I take it step by step, not just when it comes to weights but in life. If I now hit a hard obstacle, I just push a little harder to get past it and I always do. That is because weight training has empowered me and given me the strength and belief to crack on and get the job done! No matter how hard things are I now feel like I CAN DO THIS!”

Just brilliant! I’ve loved seeing Kate transform over these past few months. 

Physical transformations are fantastic but it’s the mental and psychological changes that are most important and rewarding to see.

Feeling stronger, more confident, happier, less worried about what others think, and being able to go out and enjoy life.

That’s what really matters.

If that’s how YOU want to start feeling, just get in touch.


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