May 14

You DON'T need to worry about this to lose weight…


There’s so much confusion when it comes to what you should and shouldn’t do to lose weight.
Here are a few myths dispelled…

🍷 You don’t need to completely cut out alcohol, sugar, crisps, bread, dairy, meals out, pizza or any of your favourite ‘naughty’ foods. Anything can be eaten in moderation. These foods on their own don’t make you gain weight; they just make it easier for you to overconsume calories, and it’s your total calorie consumption that affects weight gain or weight loss.

🏋 You don’t need to exercise at any particular time of day. The best time is whatever suits your lifestyle so you can do it consistently.

🕝 You don’t need to eat every 2-3 hours, and you don’t need to avoid all snacking and stick to just 3 meals per day either. Total calories for the day is what matters far more than timing or frequency, so make how often you eat suit your lifestyle and appetite.

😷 You don’t need to eat anything you don’t like. There are always other alternatives to any health food that may be recommended to you, and there’s nothing that HAS to be eaten in order to be slim and healthy.

⏰ You don’t need to eat breakfast if you don’t want to. Research has shown that it can help some people eat less later in the day, but it very much depends on the person. Some people don’t get hungry until later on, so it can work better to save your food calories until you actually have the appetite to eat them.

😇 You don’t need to eat any specific foods. There are no ‘fat burning’ or ‘super’ foods that will make a big impact on your success. Looking at the big picture is the key, rather than getting caught up on smaller details.

🙆 Here’s what WILL help –
👉 Eating a variety of natural healthy foods that you enjoy
👉 Including a little of what you fancy 2-3 times a week
👉 Keeping active doing things you enjoy (10,000 steps is a great place to start)
👉 Lifting weights 2-3 times per week
👉 Making protein and vegetables a priority to eat throughout the day
👉 Staying aware of calories
👉 Having accountability and support to keep you on track

That accountability and support is a CRUCIAL factor for success, and it’s a key part of my Change For Life online coaching program.
The next 8 week program starts on 22nd May, finishing just in time for the Summer holidays.
How slim, confident and happy would you like to be feeling by then?

Hayley x


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