November 21

Don't Purge Your Sins, Get Stronger!


My client Sarah deadlifting 60kg with a smile on her face.

Going to the gym to train to get STRONG.

It’s a much more positive focus than going to the gym to burn calories so you can lose weight.

Instead of going in to purge yourself for your sins of eating and drinking too much, you go in looking to achieve something.

To do that little bit better than you did last time.

Looking at it that way it’s motivating and particularly for women, very empowering.

You earn respect from yourself and others by being strong.

Plus, if you have the basics right with nutrition and you have fat to lose, you’ll burn it off as a side effect of training this way.

Your metabolism will be higher from having a little bit more muscle, and it will be raised temporarily again after each weights workout as your muscles repair themselves from your efforts.

You’ll stand taller, have more energy, and have decreased your likelihood of falls, frailty and diseases such as osteoporosis as you get older.

You’ll look and feel tight and toned, (people often even get told they look younger as well), stronger and generally more awesome.

There’s not a lot of negatives!

One thing that puts a lot of women off is the fear of getting bulky. This WILL NOT happen.

For a start, no one gets big and muscly by accident.

Men who train and eat specifically with this goal in mind often struggle to achieve it.
It takes time, focus, specific training, specific eating, supplementation and persistent effort to build a physique like that.

Plus as a woman, you don’t have anywhere near the levels of testosterone required to build serious muscle anyway.

Another thing that can scare women away is the image of men grunting, straining, veins popping, face purple, as they struggle to lift an enormous weight.

It doesn’t have to be like that at any point!

Those men are straining to put on every last bit of muscle and strength that they possibly can, in order to look big and muscular.

When your goal is just to be stronger and more toned, you never need to go to a point where you’re turning purple and your eyes are popping out of you head

If you have the right instruction and coaching, your training will be fun with a focus on learning quality and safe technique and doing a little better each time.

What’s not to love about lifting weights?!



I know I bang on about this a lot but I have two reasons why!

  1. I’m passionate about it and know (having seen often at first hand) how great it is for women in terms of their confidence, happiness, physique, health and self esteem.
  1. So many women still don’t know or understand the benefits of training this way, so I want to keep spreading the message.

PLEASE help me to keep spreading this message by forwarding this on to friends and family who may be interested. I’d really appreciate it.


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