October 12

Would you eat this ice cream sundae?


How amazing does that look? 

This is what one of the ladies in my Change For Life program ate for lunch on Sunday.

As a health and weight loss coach, it might seem unusual for me to say this, but I was REALLY pleased that she had it.

Here’s what the lady herself had to say…

“I felt really positive about going out and treating myself this afternoon without feeling guilty. This is a massive change for me. I am so proud that I actually stopped when I was full and didn’t even finish it! I was in complete control of the situation and that is such an awesome feeling.”

She chose what she wanted, really enjoyed it, stopped when full, and felt great about it. That’s awesome.

There is NO need to feel guilty about eating and enjoying ANY type of food.

Indulgent treats like that are amazing every now and again. The key is ‘every now and again’, and eating healthy foods at the appropriate level of calories most of the time.

There’s also other steps you can take to help balance things like this out, which this lady did, and which will have helped a lot. She…

-ate a light, nutritious, high protein breakfast of Greek yogurt, berries and a sprinkle of granola

– made the ice cream her lunch

– enjoyed it mindfully, stopped when full, and felt great about doing it

– went for a walk and used the ice cream to fuel a run, so got extra steps for the day (not out of punishment or fear of having eating extra calories, just out of wanting to be active and balance things out)

– ate a dinner of roast chicken with lots of veggies, which balanced out lunch perfectly

She’d also had a healthy and active week. So it fitted in fine. No guilt or worry, and straight back into her normal routine, actually feeling better than before for having enjoyed a bit of what she fancied and managing it so well.

Every now and again, I’d definitely recommend just having whatever you want and really enjoying it.

The ‘mindful’ part is key to feeling great after – really savour it, enjoy it slowly, and stop when full, knowing you can always have it again.

Then crack on again being healthy and feeling great.

This is what we focus on in Change For Life…

Losing weight in a healthy and SUSTAINABLE way.

ENJOYING food (all food!)

And changing mindsets so that the results last for good.

Want to join us?

There’s just a handful of spaces left for the next program starting Monday 23rd October.

All the info you need is here:




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