June 15

Feeling Down, Bloated, And GAINED Weight


“Hi Ladies, I just wanted to share with you that last week I was feeling really down, quite bloated and it was the time of the month, so when I stood on the scales I had put on 1lb. This week I was really pleased to have lost 3lb. Hoping that this continues as I would love my weight to start with a 14st by the end of this course!”

That post from the lovely Nicola above sparked an amazing conversation in our Change For Life facebook group a couple of days ago.

The other ladies in the group immediately commented with congratulations, shared similar experiences, and generally started getting even more inspired to reach their goals.

Then Jo, who’s done a couple of my programs before, said this…

“Nicola, you should be happy with what you’ve achieved. My weight loss has been slow and if I really put my mind to it and exercised like a crazy lady, my results would show differently. We all have very busy lives and trying to juggle everything is tough. I am so pleased with what I’ve achieved as I didn’t think I could ever lose weight ever again. Just think about all the brilliant comments people say to you! I get daily comments about my weight loss and this makes me happy and also makes me feel very proud of what I’ve achieved. Keep going hunny xx”

How amazing is that!?

What a lovely, supportive comment, with so much truth and wisdom in it too.

Slow and steady, while building a LIFESTYLE that you enjoy, is ALWAYS the best way to achieve long term results.

You can do the restrictive diet and drop tons of weight fast, but does that weight loss stick?

99% will find the answer is a definite and miserable NO!

What most women need is…

– SUPPORT to get some healthy habits in place

– GUIDANCE on what actually works

– ACCOUNTABILITY to see things through when times get busy and tough

– EMPOWERMENT – an understanding of nutrition, exercise and mindset that allows them to get the body they want and KEEP it for good.

This is exactly what’s happening in Change For Life right now.

Loving working with this current team of awesome women, and seeing things improve for them each week.

If you want in on the next program, just let me know.

Hayley x


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