July 26

Your Health and Fitness Bank Account


Did you see my summer snack on facebook or instagram the other day?

It was delicious! So simple, but full of nutrition from the fruit, protein from the yogurt (I had plain Liberte), and a little sweet treat from the meruinge (really struggle to spell that word!!). 

Would make a great pudding option, perhaps even for when you’re entertaining guests too if you’re all keen to keep things healthy without feeling deprived.

Anyway, I also wanted to share this post that I put on facebook yesterday, as it really does make such a difference if you do this…

You get rewarded in public for what you do (consistently) in private…

– Feeling confident in your clothes. 
– Transforming your body.
– Getting compliments from people. 
– Trying on a smaller dress size and being thrilled to find it fits.

These all happen when you make QUALITY choices on a daily basis.

All those little actions that hardly anyone sees, all those seemingly small decisions you make, like…

– choosing NOT to have the chocolate or the wine
– parking further away
– going to the gym when you don’t feel like
– going for a walk to get some extra steps in
– making healthy food choices

They can be hard to make at the time because there are no immediate benefits, and in fact you often have to go AGAINST what you really want.

But they all add up massively over time, and will create amazing changes if you KEEP doing them, and keep putting the effort in.

Think of it like having your own Health and Fitness bank account…

Every small positive action you take is like making a deposit into that account.

Every time you eat or drink too much, or don’t get your exercise in, you make a withdrawal.

When you make more deposits than you do withdrawals, you start to accumulate wealth.

And in THIS bank account, that wealth equates to

– better health
– more energy
– a slimmer body
– feeling fit and toned
– wearing clothes you love and feel confident in
– being PROUD of yourself and what you’ve achieved

But it takes TIME and CONSISTENCY to accumulate this wealth.

A couple of weeks or months of eating well and exercising more wont necessarily cancel out years or decades of bad habits.

In that situation, you’re essentially starting in a Health and Fitness debt.

But if you keep putting deposits into that account every day, the debt will decrease.

Before you know it, you’ll break even. You’ll see progress. Clothes fit better. You start to feel all the benefits. Habits have formed and these little decisions are becoming more natural and easy to make.

Then you’re on the path to accumulating Health and Fitness wealth, and well on the way to achieving your goals.

Hayley x


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