February 8

Healthy recipe ideas and a very cute baby 😍

What a beautiful morning it was today.

Super quick fact about light and sleep….

I learned recently about how beneficial it is to get outside in the morning if at all possible. Apparently this can even help us sleep better at night.

Being out in natural daylight shortly after waking up has been part of our lives ever since we began to exist, and it helps set our natural body clocks.

Light is measured in units called lux. We get about 30,000 lux from being out in full sunlight, and about 10,000 on a cloudy day. In a brightly lit indoor room, we’re unlikely to get more than 500.

So if you struggle with sleep, see if you can spend even a couple of minutes outside early in the morning, even if it’s wrapped up warm and drinking a coffee.


Today I wanted to send you out a few tasty recipe ideas that I’ve posted out on my Instagram and Facebook this week. 

Just click on the links below if you’d like to check them out:

Date and Cashew Butter Rice Crispie Squares

Creamy Smoked Salmon Tagliatelle

Chocolate Protein Pudding

They are all yum! A few clients have tried the Date and Cashew squares and really liked them too. Always a good sign when you see people making another batch after the first ones 🙂

Also, do you have the Tom Kerridge ‘Lose Weight for Good’ book?

Some great ideas in there, and his program that was on recently is worth a watch too on BBC Iplayer.

I always encourage people to get inspiration for meals from all the brilliant cookbooks out there. It’s always great to try new things, and also still feel free and confident enough to adapt them to your liking and needs.

If you’d like to see how I adapted Tom’s very tasty Pea and Ham Pasta recipe to make it more low calorie for my lunch, check it out here:

Pea and Ham Pasta


that gorgeous baby at the top of this email.

You may have seen my post with that photo last night, but I know a lot of people won’t have, so wanted to send this out too…

I had the pleasure of meeting this cutie yesterday.

Almost every day I have chats with people, usually clients, who leave me amazed at what parents do and how much they deal with.

Yesterday it was my friend. Deprived of sleep by a 3 week old baby. Toddler running around wanting to play and trying to eat playdough. Meals to cook, nappies to change, so many things to consider. But still happy, getting it done, being a great mum.

I couldn’t even work out how to open and close the gate on the stairs. 

It seems to me a lot of mums forget just how incredible they are for doing what they do every day. Whatever age kids are, there’s always so much to think about and fit in.

How you keep these small humans clean, fed, alive and in the right place at the right time, while being kind to others, looking after yourselves, and fitting anything else like work or a social life in, is beyond me.

So much respect for everyone who is a parent. You are all amazing people.



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