May 31

How do you feel about the scales?


Does the thought of stepping on them sometimes scare you?

Do they have the ability to make you feel depressed, upset, and completely make or break your day?

I know so many women for whom this is the case.

When did we start thinking it was ok to give so much power to a little box on the floor that we step on?
And what did we do before these all powerful scales existed?

We probably went by how our clothes fitted us and how we felt right?

Your body weight is just that – the total weight of your body.
The sum total of all the muscle, fat, water, bones, organs, food and drink that you happen to have in you at that moment.

It fluctuates based on all sorts of things – hormones, salt intake, water retention, what you ate last night, how hydrated you are, whether your bowels are empty or full, etc etc.

It is not always a fair indicator of what’s happening in your body, BUT over time (weeks not days) it does give some good feedback as to where you’re at and whether you’re making progress.

But your weight doesn’t define you.

It means NOTHING in terms of you as a person.

And life is way too short to let something like that make you miserable.

Do you care what your friends weigh?
No, and no one else cares what you weigh either.

People like YOU, not your weight!

If your weight is above what’s deemed healthy and what you’re happy with, the scales aren’t there to make you feel ashamed, a failure or anything else like that (you are NONE of those things). They’re simply there to guide you to where you want to be.

You can make a few lifestyle adjustments, monitor your weight along with other methods like measurements and photos, and all those methods together will tell you if it’s working or not.

If at least one of those methods show progress, great! Keep going.

If things aren’t changing, no problem, just make another one or two adjustments. And keep going.

It’s all just feedback, and no shame or judgement needs ever to be attached.

I don’t recommend weighing yourself every day, unless you actually want to and you’re completely unattached to what the scales say.

It is helpful to do it once a week though, and then keep track of how your clothes fit, measurements, and perhaps take some monthly photos too (no one likes doing that at first but it’s a great way to see how far you’ve come).

But PLEASE remember the big picture. There is so much more to life.

If you are stuck and you need some support and guidance to
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Feel free to message me back if you have any questions 🙂

Speak soon

Hayley x


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