May 23

How to Achieve ANYTHING You Want


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Most people won’t do the things at the bottom of this post.
They will see it as too much effort.
Or they don’t believe they can do it.
Deep down a lot of people are scared.
Scared of trying and failing. Scared of being judged.
It’s easier to sit back in your comfort zone and not try to break out of it. You’re safe there, and generally people still support you and are nice to you. Life’s ok. But never truly satisfying.
And you never find out what you’re capable of.
Because so few people really strive for success, when you go for something, you stand out.
People might ask questions and wonder what you’re doing.
Often they’re just curious, and once they understand they’re very supportive.
Sometimes people try to hold you back and convince you not to do things.
Usually this is because they’re scared of losing you (you might become a different and better person), and it makes them feel unsettled about what they’re achieving.
Either way, once you explain things to them, true friends should never hold you back.
You only get ONE life in which to do everything you’ve ever dreamed of.
Everyone was born as a helpless and knowledge-less baby.
If some people can achieve great things and do what they want in life, why can’t you?
Decide what you really want to do.
Set a big scary goal.
Set a 3 month goal that will take you a long way towards your big scary goal.
Picture success and believe you can do it (or at the very least suspend your disbelief)
Invest in a coach to guide you and hold you accountable.
Read and think about your goal every day – get excited.
Do something every day to move you closer to achieving it.
If you’d like guidance, accountability and a ton of support to help you achieve your goals, just get in touch.


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