May 23

How to be Happy in 3 Quick Tips


3 quick tips to create the happiness you deserve…
1. Stop criticising yourself.
It never helps! You’re doing the best you can at this moment. A lot of people wait and wish for praise from other people, but they never give it to themselves. Praise and reward yourself whenever you can. Always look for the positive. Imagine the ‘inner you’ as you when you were a child. Would you talk to the child you as you currently talk to yourself? Would you criticise and condemn her at any opportunity, or would you be understanding, loving and supportive? What do you think would best help her to grow, be happy and enjoy life? Do the same for yourself now.
2. Keep a gratitude journal.
Every morning upon waking or every evening before going to bed (or both) write down 5 things you are grateful for in life, and 5 things you love about yourself. This could be anything about you, to do with your personality, your body, the way you reacted to a situation that day, anything. Just find 5 great things about you and write them down. Things you are grateful for in life could be anything from your family to a pretty flower you saw that day. Whatever makes you happy. Write those two short lists each day and start to really appreciate the things you are noticing.
3. Learn to love your body the way it is.
This ties in with the two tips above, but is so important it needs to be discussed fully. There are a lot of people out there who are full of self-loathing for their body and the current state that it is in. Hating your body as it is right now will not help it change. It will just make you feel miserable, and the fact that you are so focused on the things you don’t like will only keep you stuck creating more of it. Learn to appreciate your body for the amazing machine that it is. It’s the only one you’ve got, so you need to love it and look after it! Notice all the good things your body can do, and focus on being able to do more of those things. That way you’ll create a positive cycle, energise yourself and start to see the changes you are looking for.


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