July 26

Ice Cream, French cheese, and a Digital Detox



I’m back from an amazing holiday in France last week.

Loved every second of it. Amazing scenery, some beautiful towns, and plenty of great food too!

If you’re in my ladies-only private facebook group (click HERE if you’re not)
you’ll have already seen this photo of me eating ice cream and know that I indulged in a lot of sweet things and a fair amount of cheese…

Gained a little bit of weight but that will come off quick.

I’d rather enjoy myself and experience things that you don’t normally have when on holiday, then get back on it as soon as I’m home.

As long as you accept this approach may lead to temporary weight gain, and don’t go completely mental while you’re out there or when you step on the scales once you get home, then I would say this is a healthy way to ensure you are enjoying your life.

Getting back feeling a little bit tubby means I’m now refreshed and ready to be fit and healthy again.

Fully focused on eating well again now and getting into better shape.

Will be sharing some tips on this via my email list in the weeks to come.

The other thing I wanted to mention was the digital switch off I had while away, as some of you may find it a great thing to do too.

I spend a lot of time on facebook and instagram, mainly to put out posts and information to help people.

I like social media for the fact you can put information out and connect with people.

But I also find it can easily suck a lot of time out my day that could probably have been better spent elsewhere.

Do you find yourself aimlessly scrolling through the feed without even realising what you’re doing? 

Yep, me too! Sometimes even when talking to someone else, which is terrible.

Been reading some really good books recently and one theme that keeps coming up is being present in the moment.

We spend so little time being completely present. Everyone is rushing through life, stressed out and never managing to get everything done. Always trying to fit more into the day. Very rarely just stopping to smell the roses, even just to breathe, appreciating the fact that we are here, and just being.

I wanted to fully enjoy my holiday, and use any spare moments I had to completely engage in and appreciate what was around me.

Being away with my boyfriend.
Being in a beautiful new environment.
Being able to just listen to music on the radio.
Having the time to sit and read a book.
Not needing to think about or do anything else.

So I actually deleted the apps for facebook and instagram on my phone for the week.

I knew if they were there I would end up checking them.

Having them gone for a week and just being present felt amazing and so refreshing.

I didn’t miss much. The world still functioned. And now I’m back happy and ready to get back into everything again.

Would definitely recommend a digital detox for a week, or even just a day.

Use that spare time to just sit and connect with your body, fully engage with someone you love, or read a book that you otherwise never get chance to sit and enjoy reading.


Here’s another photo of my trip, cycling in the Alps. Just amazing.



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