December 20

These jeans haven't fitted for YEARS…now they do :)


5 MISTAKESPEOPLE MAKEIN THE NEW YEAR (5)Forgot to say, I went in my pre pregnancy skinny jeans without a muffin top! And got lots of lovely comments from colleagues that I’d not seen for months! Yay, feeling great 😍😀

Brilliant comment in our facebook group yesterday from my online client Kim. 

Swiftly followed by this from Teresa:

‘Well done Kim, amazing feeling isn’t it! All the hard work and determination paying off! I had 6 pairs of jeans in my wardrobe I haven’t been able to get in since I had my 7 year old daughter, now they fit perfectly!’


Awesome! This little group of ladies have done SO well.

Those two comments kicked off a little exchange with a few more comments including:

‘I’ve reached my goal weight for 12 weeks so I’m over the moon. I’m going to enjoy Christmas and expect to put on a bit of weight but I’m confident I’ll lose it all again in the new year. I’m loving the feeling of less bloating, more energy and generally feeling happier when I’ve been eating well and exercising.’

Perfect 😀

Eating well and exercising…so simple isn’t it

and we KNOW it leads to awesome results – 

getting the body you want
fitting into the clothes you want to wear and feeling great in them
feeling less bloated – no longer having to hide your stomach
having more energy to enjoy life with friends and family
having the confidence to go out and be YOU
generally feeling healthier and happier

But sometimes it can seem SO hard to stick to do on a regular basis.

When you’re by yourself on your weight loss journey, it’s so easy to cave in.

You’ve got kids to deal with, work to do, and you want to enjoy time with your partner and friends without missing out on the stuff you want to eat and drink. 

When you’re busy and have a million things to think about, trying to find time to eat well and exercise is just ANOTHER thing that adds stress to your life.

What you need to do is:

1. keep things as simple and enjoyable as possible
2. find some support and accountability

There is no perfect way to lose weight – different things work for different people.

You need to be following a plan that suits YOU and fits your lifestyle.

And preferably a plan that allows you to eat and drink what you want now and then too (ladies in this group have eaten pizza, Indian and chinese takeaways, cake, chocolate, and a fair amount of wine between them!)

The other massive factor is the support and accountability.

One of the reasons the ladies in this group have done so well is that they’ve been on this journey together. They’ve seen how each other are doing each day, celebrated success together, got food ideas from each other, and been spurred on by the progress they’ve seen each other make.

Having me and the rest of the group to be accountable to each day has made a HUGE difference.

If getting slimmer, fitter, more confident, and wearing smaller clothes is your goal, those are the things I’d recommend.

The support and accountability could come from a friend maybe who wants the same things as you.

Or you can jump on board my next ladies transformation program.

We start on 2nd January, so you can enjoy Christmas and New Year
then kick off 2017 in style!

No more resolutions that last 5 minutes.

By the end of Feb, people will be asking
‘WOW, what have you been doing?!’

You can find out more here:

Have a great day.

Hayley x


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