July 11

Jo's Amazing Transformation – Story and Photo


What a difference in that photo! So happy for Jo and what she’s achieved, and even more importantly, how much better she FEELS within herself.

Here’s what this lovely lady had to say about her transformation…

“I first started working with Hayley in May 2016. I’d got to a point where my weight was spiraling out of control and whatever I did, I just couldn’t lose it. I then got fed up, thought to myself ‘what’s the point’ and my weight would just keep going up. 

I had a hysterectomy four years ago and two stone had just added itself to my body! I hadn’t changed the way I was eating etc and the weight just piled on. I did think I would never lose weight ever again and I would be stuck feeling unhappy, self conscious, looking big and feeling uncomfortable.

As I said, I started working with Hayley in May 2016 and this was the best thing I ever did! Working with Hayley is an honour (not a chore). The support and guidance around food and exercise is brilliant especially with mini home work outs too. What I like as well is the accountability. This has really helped me to get where I am – over a stone lighter, eating much better, and so much happier in my body. 

On a Friday at work, we have cake Friday. Every week, I would have a white chocolate and raspberry filled muffin. I used to think ‘It’ll be okay, I’ll burn those calories off!’ Since May 2016, I have not had that muffin or any other cake on a Friday at work. Don’t get me wrong, I do treat myself to ‘naughty things’ every now and again but I am really proud of myself having the willpower to say ‘no’.

The journey I have been on with Hayley has been amazing. She has helped me to become more confident with myself and I am so much happier. I like to wear tighter fitting clothes rather than baggy clothing which when I look back, they just made me look bigger. 

Having the progress photo’s is brilliant as well. It helps me especially if I haven’t lost any weight for a few weeks. I often look at my very first one and I never want to be like that again. It’s a great tool to help you to achieve your goal. 

I now feel happy and confident. It is great when people comment on how good I look, it really puts a smile on my face!” 

I’m so proud of Jo and the fantastic changes she’s made to her nutrition, health, body and mindset. 

It’s taken time, but that’s brilliant because it means it come from building a lifestyle that works. Jo’s got everything in place to get to exactly where she wants to be and stay there. 

She’s feeling fantastic, still losing weight, and able to enjoy a few drinks or the odd takeaway without worrying – just enjoying the process and living a healthy happy life. 

Are you feeling like Jo was; stuck, self-conscious, fed up of yo-yoing up and down with various diets, losing weight and then gaining it all back? 

Change For Life is all about turning that around, finding balance and creating a lifestyle that works for you.

The next program starts in just a few weeks time.

If you’re interested, all the info you need is here: 


If you’d like to arrange a call to see if this is the right program for you, just hit reply and let me know.

Hayley x


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