November 6

Just be you …


The world we live in can easily make us feel like we are not enough.

Every time we look online, others seem to be doing better than us.

We see everyone’s highlight’s, and compare them with the least desireable aspects of our own lives.

And we’re SO busy, rushing around sorting everyone else out, never quite getting everything done.

You can be doing an amazing job and yet feel like you’re constantly failing.

If this sounds familiar, this is a reminder…

You are more than good enough as you are.

And it’s impossible to please everyone.

You can be the sweetest, juiciest, most beautiful peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.

So just be you.

Don’t waste precious mental energy worrying about what other people think.

We are conditioned to feel like we should always be doing better, striving for more.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that it’s ok to just stop and be happy now.

Exactly as we are. With all our flaws and imperfections.

Take some time to be present. Be proud of everything you’ve done so far. Go for a walk. Turn off your phone. Disconnect from the world for a little while. Reconnect with nature.

Do the simple things that make you happy. Make a plan that helps things feel a little easier and more under control next week. Plan something fun and self-care related too.

Then know that you are doing your best. And that is good enough.




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