July 7

The Key to Losing Weight and Keeping it Off


What’s the key to losing weight and keeping it off?

If I had to sum it up in three words, it would be this:


That’s it. There’s no magic method. No perfect diet and exercise regime. 

That’s the key. It all boils down to what we all know – healthy eating, moderation, exercise. You just need a perspective and approach that makes it enjoyable.

Most people set a goal, and then expect to get there through a combination of hard work, misery and deprivation.

That will not work!

You 100% can find a way to get fit, get slim, get healthy, and have fun and feel awesome along the way.

If you see it as just something you HAVE to do to get to where you want to be, you wont be successful long term.

You’ll either get too bored or miserable along the way and give up.

Or you’ll struggle and strive to your goal and think ‘YES, I made it. Now I don’t have to do that anymore!’
Then you’ll stop doing it and gradually slide all the way back to where you started…

most clients who have true long term success fall in love with the process itself

A lot of it is to do with your perspective. We seem to be programmed to look at the negatives; everything that’s going to be difficult and everything we’re going to miss out on.

YES, to be fit, healthy and slim, you do have to make certain sacrifices.

But fit, healthy and slim people MAKE these sacrifices all the time.

They just don’t see them as sacrifices that are hard and make them miserable.

They see them as a way of life that gets them the results they want. They ENJOY healthy eating, exercise, because it makes them and their body feel GOOD. They see it as looking after themselves, and they value their bodies and themselves enough to do that (do you?).

They have to miss out on chocolate and wine sometimes. They have to cook a healthier meal when they could easily have got a takeaway, or skip dessert on a meal out. But they CHOOSE to, because the result they get from limiting those things is far better than the temporary high they get from having them often.

You can see exercise as tough, a chore, punishment for eating, something hard and horrible, something you HAVE to do.

Or you can see it as something FUN, something that improves you and your body every time you do it. You can feel yourself getting stronger, fitter, healthier each time you complete another session.

3 prowler Andrea, Bryony and Laura enjoying a session on the prowler 🙂

Instead of being something you HAVE to do, it’s something you GET to do. It’s a privilege to be able to use and move your body, to spend time just focusing on you, on self-improvement, on feeling and performing better.
You can see healthy eating as boring, bland, restrictive. You can see all the ‘nice things’ you’re missing out on.
Or you can see it as EXCITING and enjoyable.
You can search for new foods and recipes and see it as an adventure. There are SO many foods out there to try, BILLIONS of recipes, so many different ways of cooking and eating around the world that you can google or read about and try.

Food is amazing. We all love eating it. Even if you don’t like cooking, there are still a ton of SUPER easy recipes that take minutes to do and can taste amazing. See it as learning a new skill. You’ll feel so proud of yourself when you knock up a quick, healthy meal that tastes awesome.

I’ve seen this happen in my clients loads of times, and I’ve had that feeling myself too. I’m not a natural cook, and even now my family laugh at how much I’ve changed in the last few years. I could barely boil an egg a few years ago. Now I love finding new recipes and healthy ways to enjoy meals. It’s a great feeling when you find a new recipe you really like. Try it!

Healthy eating + exercise = a slimmer, healthier, more energetic, happier, fitter you.
Unhealthy eating + lack of exercise = a fatter, sicker, tired, miserable, unfit you.

Which do you prefer?

You can see those ‘nice bad foods’ that you enjoy as being delicious treats you’re missing out on.
OR you can see them as harmful to your body, full of fat, sugar, calories and crap.
Do you really want that inside you? Maybe it got you to where you are now. It makes you overweight, unhealthy, bloated and feeling flabby and unhappy with your body.

weight loss wednesday Some healthy meals my clients have enjoyed recently…

Healthy foods nourish and nurture your body. You can see and feel your cells, your organs, your muscles and your skin all improving, getting healthier, stronger, glowing. Once you eat this way for a little while (and still throw in the odd unhealthy thing you fancy now and again), you start to feel AMAZING.

Your perspective is so important.

Take a look at your approach.
Are you restricting yourself too much?
Are you viewing healthy eating and exercise as a chore?
Are you telling yourself it’s going to be an unpleasant experience when it doesn’t need to be?
Could you do a different form of exercise that you actually enjoy?
Is there one new food or recipe you could try this week?

How can you make this journey fun?

The more enjoyable you can make it, the more successful you will be.


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