November 10

Looking extremely happy and about to enjoy the most amazing sticky toffee pudding


Looking extremely happy and about to enjoy the most amazing sticky toffee pudding last night literally of the best desserts I’ve ever tasted.

People who know me know I am a proper foodie… I enjoy eating healthy nourishing foods most of the time… and I also love a proper indulgent bit of cake or dessert now and again too.

Do I ever feel guilty for eating cake or pudding? Hell no! You never need to feel bad or beat yourself up for what you eat. What good does that do?

Life is too short, and some food is too delicious to not be eaten every now and again. No food makes you gain weight by itself. Everything is fine in moderation, and that’s generally how you create a balanced and sustainable lifestyle (rather than follow a restrictive diet, fall off track and end up back at square one).

My advice to reach or maintain a healthy weight and still enjoy the foods you love…

Get plenty of protein, veggies, fruit and water into each day so your body has the nutrients it needs for good health. Be aware of calories and portion sizes in what you eat and drink (healthy foods are important but overall calories have the biggest impact on weight). Keep active daily, and save your indulgent moments for the ‘treats’ you love most.

Also, I’d suggest never telling yourself you ‘can’t’ have something. It feels much better to view it as you are CHOOSING to stay on track most of the time (because you care about your body/want to be healthy/want to reach your goals) and feel great that you are making that choice.

Then if you really want something, go for it, enjoy every delicious mouthful of what you have, and just get straight back on it with your next meal it’s all good.

P.S. this was at Jeremy’s restaurant near Haywards Heath, amazing place for a treat or special occasion, and I have the sticky toffee pudding every time I go. It’s unreal


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