January 4

How to lose weight and KEEP it off next year

I hope you had an amazing Christmas.

How much chocolate and cheese did you have? Me – a lot! 

Most importantly, it was a lovely day spending time with family, but there was definitely some indulgence going on with all sorts of delicious food lying around.

Out of interest, I weighed myself on Boxing Day (I don’t weigh myself that often these days) and was 3lbs heavier than my normal weight. Not bothered one bit as I knew this was mostly a combination of extra food inside my body, and water retention from A LOT of extra carbs (nan’s amazing roast potatoes and parsnips plus chocolate and my contribution of malteser tiffin for pudding, all sooo good). I ate a lot lighter and healthier yesterday plus got a walk in, and today 2 of those lbs are gone.

*** Never worry or feel bad when your weight goes up after an ‘off plan’ day or meal – very little (if any) of that is fat 🙂  Worst thing you can do is think ‘F**k it, gained weight, may as well carry on eating crap’, – then it will become fat! Just get back to doing all the good things you normally do and it will come off quick. ***

Anyway Between Christmas and New Year is often a time when we reflect on things and think about what we want out of next year. Weight loss is one of the most common goals, especially when we feel a bit bleurgh after all that Christmas food and drink. It’s SO easy to get sucked into a quick fix solution… everywhere you look for the next few weeks, there’s diets!! But I’m sure, by now (even if you’re still prone to trying them) you know that DIETS DON’T WORK.

For long-term weight loss success, we need a new LIFESTYLE. That won’t be sold to you much by the health / fitness / weight loss industry over the next few weeks, because it’s not very sexy. But it is what actually works.

Any diet you choose will cause you to lose weight if you follow it, because all diets get you to reduce your calorie intake in one way or another (by cutting carbs / reducing fat / avoiding sugar / only eating at certain times of the day etc). But that weight will come back on very quickly if you can’t keep following the plan. Return to ‘eating normally’ = return to previous weight.

So we need to create a new ‘normal’ that allows you to lose weight, feel great and ENJOY the process so much that you’re happy to keep doing it for life. With any weight loss plan, ask yourself this –  “Can I see myself still happily following this plan in a years time?” If you can’t, chances are it won’t give you long-term results. I work with women who have had enough of all that, and are ready to change for good. The goal of Change For Life is to help women create a new lifestyle that leads to 

  • LONG-TERM weight loss
  • wearing clothes you love with PRIDE
  • KNOWLEDGE and understanding about what to eat to be slim, healthy and full of energy
  • ENJOYMENT of food – no guilt or fear attached
  • less stress, more FREEDOM and fun
  • being your BEST SELF and living life to the full

Does this sound like what you want for 2018 and beyond? There are just a couple of spaces left for the next 8-week Change For Life, which starts on New Years Day. More info, plus photos and testimonials from previous ladies who’ve completed the program can be found here:



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