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Losing 28lbs and Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food – Michele’s story


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Losing 28lbs, dropping 2 dress sizes, and creating a healthy relationship with food.

In my latest podcast episode (Think Healthy With Hayley – episode 57), I chat to this lovely lady – my online coaching client Michele.⁣

The fact that Michele is happy for me to share her photos is awesome in itself, as this was a lady who hated seeing pictures of herself a few months ago.⁣

In 12 weeks of online coaching, Michele has:

  • lost 28lbs
  • dropped 2 dress sizes
  • built healthy habits around food and exercise
  • found joy in exploring her local area on early morning walks
  • become a whole lot kinder to herself
  • still enjoyed wine at weekends
  • brought chocolate back into her life without fear of overeating it

⁣And more.

As you can see, she looks fantastic.
But more importantly, she feels healthy, happy, fit, confident in her clothes and herself again.

To hear Michele’s story, search ‘Think Healthy with Hayley’ in your podcast app of choice and go to Episode 57, or find it on Spotify here:

#57 – Dropping 2 Dress Sizes and Building a Healthy Relationship with Food – Michele’s Story


After Online Coaching finishes, I send an evaluation form to clients to find out what they’ve taken from the experience.

Below are some of Michele’s answers.


What were your goals at the start of online coaching?

To lose weight and feel strong and healthy again. To feel more like me again.


What have you learned / improved / achieved? 

I’ve learned that I don’t have to be perfect.

Also, my way of eating and exercising doesn’t have to be perfect.

I’ve learned that it is okay to have a blip or a treat – it doesn’t destroy all the work beforehand. It just means get back on it tomorrow.

A big achievement for me is that I have managed to have chocolate in the house without eating all of it immediately.

And I’ve learned that I need to eat more protein!


What are the positives you can list from your experience of coaching?

Not being judged.


Regular check ins.

Sensible and reasonable advice and guidance.


Would you recommend coaching to others? If you wouldn’t mind writing a short testimonial paragraph to explain why, this would be hugely appreciated.

Working with Hayley has absolutely turned my life around.

I asked her for accountability and I got that in spades with regular check ins and ongoing review of my food and exercise diary.

She never judged me and when I had a few difficult days over Christmas she helped me see this was not a complete disaster, merely a temporary blip.

She gave me consistently good advice and motivation, even when I resisted some of her exercise suggestions!

As a result, I found my own way through her guidance and now I feel confident enough to continue alone.

I cannot recommend too highly partnering up with her!


Michele – thank you again for allowing me to share your photos and story, and a huge well done!



If you’re interested in having a coach to support you in reaching your goals, find out more about online coaching here:

Benefits of Having an Online Weight Loss Coach

online weight loss coaching


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