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Losing Weight and Finding Balance With Food – Online Weight Loss Coaching Success Story

The photos above are of my client Lizzy. The first one was taken when starting online weight loss coaching in March 2021, and the second was taken in January 2022 (although Lizzy had achieved her weight loss goal by October 2021).

As you can see, she’s made some brilliant progress.

And even more brilliant than the physical results (49lbs weight loss and feeling confident wearing clothes she loves) is the way that Lizzy has achieved them:

  • moving away from diet mentality
  • building a healthy relationship with food, where an indulgent choice no longer leads to guilt and going off track
  • building the habit of making her next choice a great one
  • because of the shifts in mindset, finally feeling confident that she’ll keep the weight off for good

Here’s what Lizzy had to say:

Lizzy’s story

“I have been working with Hayley since March 2021 after many years of yoyo dieting.


The classic: diet, lose weight, everyone tells me I look great, stop dieting, put on even more weight than before, feel really rubbish about myself.


When I came to Hayley, I had been working with a local nutritionist, but it felt like just another restrictive diet. Then in January 2021, I had an operation that meant I couldn’t walk for 4 weeks.


Sure enough, the weight that I had lost before the new year was already creeping back on, and the self-esteem was taking a dive.


When I found Hayley’s website, it really spoke to me. I could see that here was someone who would understand the concerns of a 49-year old woman – aging, approaching menopause, busy life with teenage children, work and too many commitments.


Some of the best aspects of the journey have been:

  • discovering mindful eating
  • not trying to be perfect
  • the support and encouragement in the Facebook group
  • enjoying food without feeling guilty
  • making exercise and getting fit a pleasure, not a chore.

The weekly check-ins have been so helpful, with feedback on my week tailored specifically to me. Hayley really takes the time to look not only at what I have been eating, but how the sleep is going, how much exercise I have been doing.”


Online Weight Loss Coaching – group support and real-life progress

This is Lizzy’s post and update in our private coaching Facebook group.

As you can see from the post and graph, Lizzy created her results by focusing on building habits.

And she didn’t see the scales drop every week. There was a bit of time spent with not much change, and at one point, an increase in weight.

This is where many people would give up. But it’s SO normal for this to happen. And as Lizzy’s graph shows – as long as you stay focused on your habits (refining and improving them if needed) and keep going, you will see results.

Finding balance and enjoying food

Here’s more from Lizzy:

“Since starting to work with Hayley in March, I have reached my goal weight for the first time.
In the past I had always been one or two pounds over.


Now, I have totally shifted the way I eat – I crave a big salad with some protein, rather than filling up on pasta.

I also eat a really nutritious breakfast every morning, with Skyr, fruit and seeds.


I walk more than ever before, having gradually increased my step goal in doable increments since we started coaching.


But most importantly, I allow myself to eat some of the higher calorie, less nutritious foods and it does not mean that my healthy eating is over. I choose when to have some delicious cake, and the next meal I make a less sugar filled choice and continue. I don’t let it derail me.

This is why I truly believe that I have lost the weight properly and sustainably.


One of my goals when I started was to be able to tuck in my tops into my trousers. I always tuck my tops in now for the first time in my life, and I feel confident doing it!

Thank you, Hayley, for all your support.”


You can do it too

Lizzy – it’s been a pleasure.

As a coach, I love sharing stories like this one, because Lizzy’s success has come from key factors that anyone can do and benefit from:

  • making small doable changes to her nutrition, including eating more protein and veg
  • being more aware of portion sizes
  • practising mindful eating – noticing and enjoying each bite
  • planning and enjoying her favourite foods guilt-free
  • gradually increasing her weekly activity levels
  • being kinder to herself – focusing on self compassion and celebrating wins, instead of beating herself up for slip ups
  • creating healthy habits and a lifestyle that makes her feel great, so she has everything in place to maintain her results


Lizzy found my podcast helpful for working on her mindset around weight loss, as well as learning more about nutrition, building habits, and the benefits of strength training for women.

It’s on all podcast platforms, and you can find it on Spotify via this link:

Think Healthy with Hayley podcast


If you’d love support, accountability and guidance to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable and enjoyable way (yes, this is possible!), find out more about online coaching here:

Benefits of Having an Online Weight Loss Coach



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