July 18

'I Need Help and Support'


“I am overweight, do not do enough exercise and am fed up with feeling lethargic and constantly telling myself off for whatever I eat.

I need help and support to show me how I can change my current lifestyle to be healthier and therefore setting a good example for my children, but also to feel happier with myself and my body.”

This is what a lady emailed to me yesterday.

I hear from SO many women who feel like this.

Completely stuck, knowing what to do…

– Eat healthier foods
– Eat smaller portions
– Snack less
– Stop picking at biscuits or eating the children’s leftovers
– Do more exercise

But are busy, tired, and STRUGGLING to do it right now.

Being a fit and healthy woman, setting a better example for your kids, and feeling happier in yourself every day are all amazing motivators, aren’t they?

But that doesn’t mean that sometimes it’s not still REALLY tough to go it alone.

That’s why this lady asked to join Change For Life, so she can learn how to build a healthy lifestyle that leads to long term success, and get the support she needs along the way to see it through.

We start on Monday, there are a handful of spaces left and I’m super excited for this program as it’s been extended to 12 weeks long.

That’s enough time to get incredible results like Deb in the photo above, who lost 22lb (and has kept it off 7 months later).

If you want in, all the info you need is here:


Hayley x


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