December 8

Is this New Year Program just what you need?


 Next ladies online coaching program starts Monday 2nd January 2017…

Do you know that no matter what your best intentions are, you’re going to end up eating and drinking too much at Christmas?

And have that horrible feeling where you know that you’ve definitely put on a few more pounds even before NYE?

You know the feeling right?

You SAID you were going to be good and just have the odd thing here and there.
You REALLY wanted to make good choices, not put on weight, and feel great at New Year.

But it’s SO hard!

There’s chocolate everywhere.
Mince pies being thrust into your hands at school events.
AMAZING looking cakes and cookies staring at you as you wait in line at the coffee shop…


And you have to drink some mulled wine….It’s Christmas!!

You get caught up in the spirit and it’s great at the time, but then it’s the end of the year
And you’ve gained MORE weight on top of what you already wanted to lose.

It can feel like a never-ending battle.
Two steps forward, two steps back.
Do you wonder if you will you ever get out of this yo-yo diet cycle and get a body you’re happy with?

How would it feel to be slim, wearing a really nice outfit in the size YOU want to be?
Getting compliments from friends and family on how great you look.
Glowing with health and confidence.
Loving how your clothes fit now.
How they feel against your flatter stomach and smaller, firmer body.
KNOWING that you have it nailed, and you’re never going back.
You can start 2017 in the best possible way and MAKE THIS HAPPEN, just like this lady (and the others further down the page):

10 week start finish photos

My next ladies online coaching program starts on Monday 2nd January (perfect time right?!)
With a group of busy, in-demand women just like you.

We’re going to work together for 8 weeks to build healthy habits that will last
And help you become slimmer, fitter and more confident for LIFE.

Here’s just a couple of recent happy comments from the ladies who are on my current program, which finishes just before Christmas:                                                                                                                        
‘Goal!! Target weight achieved 11 stone with 4 weeks to go so happy! Anything more now is a bonus, feeling great about the way I look and would be happy to stay as I am if there are no more changes.
I think i’ve got this! I am never going back to how I was before. Don’t need to eat all the rubbish, quite happy with the food and having the odd treat’
‘Feeling so positive this week as had 2lb weight loss and now down in the 10 stone range, yay so pleased with myself such an achievement, This is an amazing journey, at the beginning I wanted to back out as I didnt believe that I could stay focused enough to take photos of my food every day, but being accountable to you has made me stick to it, good or bad days. I have had so many amazing comments in the last couple of weeks from people noticing the amount of weight I have lost, and am so close to my goal weight now. Excited.’
There’s plenty more. These ladies have done a fantastic job and have been an absolute pleasure to work with. I can’t wait to reveal just how well they’ve done very soon 🙂 

They all needed just what many women need to get to where they want to be:

Guidance – 
On what to eat, how much to eat, how much exercise is needed, and how to fit it into the day. There’s so much confusion and conflicting advice around how to lose weight. All these ladies now know what actually works and gives long lasting results.

Support –
From myself and all the other women in the group. Plus the inspiration and motivation that comes from being part of a team, all working towards a similar goal.

Accountability –
To keep going even when motivation drops or it’s just a really bad day.
How easy is it to fall off the wagon when things go wrong?
When you’re trying to do it all on your own, VERY easy!
When you have people there each day keeping you accountable, you might fall briefly off track, but you get back on it again. And you keep going long enough to get results.

start finish side

8 weeks is a perfect amount of time to build healthy habits
and a lifestyle that works for you.
So you can keep going after the program, have the body you want, and keep it.

No more fluctuating weight, and no more need to keep a range of dress sizes in your wardrobe!

How good would it feel to chuck out all the bigger clothes knowing you’ll never need them again..?

If you’re right for the program, and it’s right for you, you can join the ladies who have already signed up and GUARANTEED they are going to start 2017 in the best possible way.

If it sounds like I’m talking to YOU, and this program would really help,
No more New Years resolutions that are broken by February.!

This is a Change For Life.

You can find out more info here:

If it sounds like I’m talking to YOU, and this program would really help, I would love to have a chat with you.

You can apply via the link above, or message me direct at

Jan to Oct progress 4  stone down


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