August 15

Nice people are so mean!


I see a trend in the people that I work with and talk to.
Some of the nicest, kindest, most lovely people you could meet are the ones who are as mean as they could possibly be to themselves.
They’re people who have spent huge parts of their lives caring for their families and always putting a ton of other people first.
Some of them have had big struggles with health, jobs and relationships, and have battled through to the other side.
They’re warm, caring, thoughtful, fun to be around and generally amazing people.
They build other people up.
And yet they tear themselves down constantly.
Because of looking after others or the struggles they’ve had, or simply from not knowing or caring when they were younger, they haven’t prioritised their health and fitness, and their body has suffered. They feel out of shape, miserable, ashamed of their body in it’s current state.
They look in the mirror and see all the things they don’t like about their size and shape.
They tell themselves they’re fat, stupid, a failure, that they can’t do this and they’ll never be able to do that.
The sad thing is that this thinking is totally untrue, but all the while people think it, they are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.
We’re programmed in this country to talk ourselves down and only notice our mistakes and flaws.
We need to change this mindset!
So much of your success will come down to what you think and believe about yourself.
The things you tell yourself each day.
Look at any successful person you admire.
Chances are they ooze confidence and self belief and seem happy and at peace with themselves.
You can be like that too. It just takes a shift in your thinking.
Negative thoughts can be habitual and difficult to get rid of, but they will go with persistence and positive reinforcement.
Act as if you are where you want to be and you’ll make good progress towards getting there.
And say nice things to yourself!
Be your own best friend, not worst enemy.


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