April 26

Now It's Time To Get Back In Shape!


hayley in shapeI got home last night after spending a few days in Budapest with my mum. It was an awesome trip – had such a great time. Beautiful sights and loads of great food, including this pineapple and coconut cake ^^^ (yum!) 

After a holiday in Thailand, Easter, and now Budapest, I’m feeling it! Probably a good half stone heavier than where I’d like to be.

I’ve enjoyed scoffing all that nice food, but now my body doesn’t feel great. So it’s time to reign things in a little and get back to where I feel best.

I see a lot of women beat themselves up for putting on weight but it’s really easy to gain a few pounds if you enjoy your food and/or drink. We live in a world that makes it incredibly easy to overconsume calories.

Few people stay their optimal weight and shape all the time. I love food and eat a lot of it. Every now and again it catches up with me and weight goes up. So I pay a bit more attention to how much I eat, and soon it goes back down again. No dramas 

I’m not going on a diet and no foods are off limits, I’ll just be much more conscious of portion sizes and snacking and for a while will track calories. I’ll still eat all the foods I like, mostly healthy and some less healthy. Plenty of easter chocolate to work through 

Start photos, weight and measurements have been taken today. As I go along I’ll post progress, results and info that can hopefully help you too.

When to start? 

No time like the present!

I’ve got a day out with foodie friends on Saturday but rather than use the ‘I’ll start on Monday’ cop out, I’ve started today, will enjoy Saturday while not going mad, and get straight back on it on Sunday.

Weight loss comes down to calories above everything else. You can lose weight without counting calories, but I find it easier to track my food for at least a few weeks using the my fitness pal app and work out where I’m at.

A lot of people think that just eating healthier will be enough to make them lose weight, but it’s very easy to overeat healthy foods too. I’m going for about 80% good nutrition, with a few low calorie substitutes and a bit of tasty ‘junk’ thrown in for balance and enjoyment.

Being pretty active I know I can make good progress by sticking around 1800 calories and keeping protein intake high to help stay full, retain muscle and burn more fat instead (I aim for 130-140 grams of protein per day – around 1g per lb of bodyweight).

To stay accountable and hopefully give you some healthy low calorie meal and snack ideas, I’ll be posting my food on my instagram story through the day. If you like a bit of food porn come follow me HERE or search @hayleyplummerpt 

The main reason I’m posting this and my progress is because I know there’s a lot of women who want to lose weight and are stuck not knowing what to do or how to get started. And a lot of them are beating themselves up about it too (really no need).

If you’re interested, confused, want to lose weight or have any questions, feel free to message me. Always happy to help.

Let’s do this 

Hayley x


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