February 16

Online Client Recipe Creations!


The awesome ladies in my Online Coaching Program are flying and LOVING their new healthy way of eating. 

Each of them has lost an average of 10 POUNDS in their first 5 weeks. 

I’ve been so impressed with all the fantastic meals they’ve created from my Healthy Recipe Ebook.

All three have embraced the book and I’m thrilled that they’ve tried and enjoyed so many of the recipes. (Sara even called it her ‘Bible’!)

The photos below have all been posted in our private facebook group, created by the ladies from recipes in my ebook.

Deb even left this lovely review:

“Hayley’s e-recipe book is a godsend for anyone trying to eat healthy yet satisfying meals. For starters, there is everything you need: breakfast, lunch, dinner and even tasty treats. All the recipes are shown in full colour and use widely available ingredients. The recipes are both healthy and extremely delicious. There are meals here that the whole family can enjoy and, for me, the best thing is that they are all quick and easy to prepare: ideal after a hard day at work! This is definitely food for a healthy lifestyle rather than rabbit food for ‘dieters’.”

Awesome work ladies!

Deb banana nut butter pancakes
Deb’s banana nut butter pancakes
Deb banana protein bread
Deb’s banana protein bread
Deb chicken chorizo prawn risotto
Deb’s chicken, chorizo and prawn risotto
Deb lentil feta salad
Deb’s lentil and feta salad
Deb tuna sesame salad
Deb’s tuna sesame salad
Deb pan fried sea bass lentils kale
Deb’s pan fried sea bass, lentils and baked kale
Sara cauliflower pizza
Sara’s cauliflower pizza
Sara chicken chick pea curry
Sara’s chicken and chick pea curry
Sara pancakes
Sara’s protein pancakes
Sara protein brownie
Sara’s protein chocolate brownies


To find out more about Online Coaching, click HERE.

For the recipes to these meals and a whole load more, click HERE.


Hayley Plummer ~ Haywards Heath Personal Trainer, Online Coach, Food Enthusiast


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