April 4

Online coaching – Sarah's fantastic 3 month progress



Over a stone lighter since starting online coaching just 3 months ago…⁣

Looking fabulous, enjoying healthy foods, fitter and stronger…

As well as very happy, more confident, and now heading off on holiday with her bikini packed 🙂

Here’s what Sarah had to say. about her online coaching experience so far:


⁣”I found Hayley when doing a web search for an online coach to try & find some help. I’d had a nasty injury which left me unable to do much exercise for a few months and I’d put on weight and lost my confidence. ⁣

I really wanted to be fit for an Easter holiday, as well as having something that’s sustainable. Pretty much the first thing Hayley recommended was to eat more. Yes, eat more! It felt counter-intuitive to start with, however, it’s worked. ⁣

I’ve never felt hungry, like I’m dieting or depriving myself of anything. Hayley’s also been really helpful with how to plan meals out, wine, treats. ⁣

She’s also given me a training plan which works. I am a busy working Mum with two primary children and a husband who is frequently away so getting to the gym is really tricky. ⁣

I can honestly say I love my home workouts, I’d used dumbells & kettlebells before, but not in the same way and it’s made a huge difference. ⁣

I’ve found getting up & doing that before breakfast works (the children have normally been in & I’m awake!).⁣

Hayley’s absolutely brilliant in her support and encouragement, a quick email or text message really helps. I really didn’t like doing the photos at the start, I’m so glad we did them now.⁣

I was really surprised at how much change there is in a short period of time. There’s still a bit more to go, although I’m packing my bikini for holiday!”⁣

And here’s Sarah’s fabulous progress photos from the front:



Hasn’t she done amazing? 

I’m so proud of this lady.

Sarah has taken on board all the nutrition guidance I’ve given her and been so consistent with her eating. 

Planning in meals out and glasses of wine, and keeping on track with healthy options the rest of the time.

And she’s been following a home training plan with a set of dumbells and a kettlebell (there’s loads you can do at home if you don’t have the time, money or inclination to go to a gym).


Making changes for long term weight-loss

With online coaching, we use weight, measurements, and photos to monitor progress, but there is so much more to it than that.

It’s never about how much weight I can help you lose in the fastest possible time. It’s about making changes for the long term.

Finding healthy foods you like to eat (and the freedom to enjoy the less healthy foods you love too).

Finding ways of exercise that build your confidence and fit into your lifestyle, as well as making you fitter and stronger.

Building new healthy habits and letting go of old limiting beliefs and patterns of self-sabotage that hold you back.

That takes time, but it means you can finally break free from the diet cycle and make changes that last for good.


For me the best thing is when clients say ‘I’m really enjoying it’, which is what Sarah said to me when I sent her back these photos. ⁣

If you enjoy it, you’ll keep doing it. And if you keep doing it, you will get amazing results.

Sarah – awesome job, and have an amazing holiday 💪


For more client success stories, check out how well these fabulous ladies have done on the link below or HERE


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