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Online Weight Loss Coaching – Maria’s Story

online weight loss coaching

This is my online weight loss coaching client Maria.

As you can see, Maria made some fantastic progress in our time together, and she’s shared her story below.

Like so many women, Maria has a lot going on with work and family life, and was struggling with consistency, energy, and an all or nothing mindset around food.

In our time online coaching together, along with a lot of quality nutrition to support her goals and body’s needs, she’s enjoyed pizza and wine with friends, meals out, buttered hot cross buns and family roast dinners.

Consistency and energy have improved, she’s back in her favourite clothes, and the all or nothing mindset is a thing of the past.


What helped Maria?

These are some key points:

✅ Planning and keeping track off food
✅ Awareness of calories and portion sizes
✅ Focusing on protein and veg
✅ Including her favourite higher calorie / less nutritious foods amongst otherwise great nutrition
✅ Resistance training 3 x per week
✅ Hitting a daily step goal
✅ Focusing on consistency not perfection

Maria also found these points helped a lot:

✅ Using a little bit of weekend time to plan and prep for busy weeks
✅ Drinking less alcohol, which led to improved sleep, energy and weight loss
✅ Listening to my podcast to help with mindset around food
✅ Support, accountability and guidance through coaching

Below is what the lady herself had to say.


Maria’s Online Coaching Testimonial

“If you’re thinking of working with Hayley, then do! For years I had been vowing that this would be the one where I got back into all my Winter/Summer clothes and somehow another year went by without it happening.

In Autumn last year, I finally contacted Hayley to make enquiries but unbelievably, still didn’t sign up. However, even at that first stage, Hayley demonstrated how supportive and encouraging she is. She applied zero pressure on me to commit to anything but sign-posted me to lots of free resources and her brilliant Podcast.

Finally in January, I realised that if I could drop the pounds on my own, I would have done it by now and so I started working with Hayley. From the very first call, Hayley understood who I was and what I needed from her to be successful.

She encouraged, held me accountable but also helped me to discover what was the best way to eat and move for me – it’s not a one-size-fit-all approach. The weekly check-ins and reflections made all the difference, and I found myself really looking forward to that weekly half hour to keep me on track and make progress.

Somehow the three months just flew by, and I now fit into all my old clothes again which has really bought me a lot of happiness. The joy of opening my wardrobe and thinking ‘what do I fancy wearing?’ rather than ‘What can I squeeze into?’ really makes for a great start to the day.

However, the biggest surprise has been the change to my overall well-being, and my energy levels.

Before I started with Hayley, I thought these were just fine, I was already quite sporty and not especially overweight. However, this is the best I have ever felt since having children nearly 17 years ago and I’m just getting so much more done.

If you’re like I was and keep reading these reviews thinking you’d like to sign up but feeling you have a family and can’t justify the money, or that if you just try a little bit harder or try another new eating plan you can do it this time, then all I can say is, don’t waste another year of your life – just sign up. Working with Hayley is an investment that you and your whole family will benefit from.

I feel like I’m setting a really good example to my teenage daughter, I have the energy when I get in from work to be present with my children and I’ve even picked up some old hobbies. And of course, it is a LOT cheaper than replacing your wardrobe. Thank you, Hayley!”

Maria, it’s been an absolute pleasure! Massive well done for your efforts, consistency and progress.


Info and tools that can help you too

Some of the key aspects of online coaching that helped Maria are explained in this post:

Benefits of Having an Online Weight Loss Coach


Maria really benefited from my podcast – all about mindset, nutrition, and losing weight while still enjoying your life.

This helped her keep focused on what really matters when it comes to sustainable weight loss, and reminded her of key points we were working on together. You can find the podcast on all main podcast platforms, and on Spotify here:


Think Healthy with Hayley

weight loss podcast


For various tips and ideas about weight loss, nutrition, menopause, fitness and more, you can also check out my instagram page:



And finally, if you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email –


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