November 6

Protein Snack Ideas


When you’re super busy and have health/fitness/weight loss goals… 🤯

💪Planning meals and having high protein snacks available to keep you fueled can be a massive help to stay on track.

Ideas for high protein snacks that are easy to grab and go or quick to make up:

🦁 Grenade carb killa protein bars (found in Tesco, Holland and Barrett, Sainsburys and WHSmith)

🐓 Boiled egg

🐟 Smoked salmon (prawns and other cooked meat is also good)

🐂 Biltong

🐄 Protein shake (impact whey from myprotein website is usually best value, chocolate brownie or vanilla are most popular flavours)

🦓 Promax lean protein bar (found in Sainsburys and waitrose)

🐏 Arla yogurt pot, or other similar pots of yogurt / quark that contain around 20g protein per serving

🦄 Homemade protein brownie (comment if you’d like the recipe, very yum 😋)

🐴 Pro-yo yogurt sachet (found in Waitrose and maybe other supermarkets)

🦒 Liberte plain / Greek yogurt with berries

👊 Protein helps your body repair itself and function optimally, keeps you fuller for longer, and can help reduce cravings for sugar.

Planning is so key to weight loss success…

Ensuring you have healthy / high protein options available when you need them = minimal decisions to make when tired / stressed = keep making progress (and save calories for other things that are worth it).

☝️ That = winning.

Any questions or help you need, just let me know 🐛




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