August 11

What you really need to lose body fat


“Although training will help stimulate fat loss, a priority in the program should be heavily placed on nutrition and sleep as they will have a much bigger impact on hormonal management and fat loss”

This is a little excerpt from an article for personal trainers about helping female clients to get the best fat loss results possible.

Nutrition and sleep are SO important.

If you’re tired, stressed and not eating right, beating the hell out of yourself with cardio/gym/bootcamp classes every day will not lead to a slim, healthy, happy body.

Prioritise fueling your body with quality nutritious food and getting to bed on time above everything else, including exercise.

For women especially, with all the various hormones impacting hunger, energy levels, water retention, fat storage and various other things, putting the right food into our body and letting it get enough rest each night are crucial to being able to look and feel the way we want.

Obviously it’s important to exercise too, but when you’re super stressed and busy, you’re better off spending an hour preparing quality food, winding down and getting to bed early than you are going to the gym. And that’s a personal trainer talking!

By all means lift weights and exercise hard when you can, but also don’t underestimate the power of just walking or doing some yoga when you’re feeling stressed and not getting enough sleep.

You will make an incredible amount of progress just by getting your food and sleep levels right, then you can do more/harder exercise, make even more progress, and feel great doing it.



Hayley Plummer – Female body transformation coach


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