November 6

Small wins add up …


Last night, one of my clients was having a really hard time.

This lady is a star. She’s been doing so well. Recently, life has hit her hard.

When you have so much to deal with and things feel overwhelmingly tough, it’s so important to take as much pressure off as you can and focus on being being kind to yourself.

Getting out in nature. Being present. Keeping things as simple as possible. Looking for easy wins.

Do what you can to make things feel good, and make YOU feel good.

Small wins add up.

My client today is focusing on easy meals she enjoys, and getting out for a short walk.
Both of those are great and we can build from there.

I think this photo goes well with the message today… Sometimes you can feel blocked, hidden, overwhelmed, unable to see a way through.

But even if your inner self feels a bit lost… it’s still there. You’re still strong, powerful, beautiful.

There is still so much strength at your core. Keep gently pushing, and rays of light creep through.

Believe in yourself. Be kind to yourself. Keep rising.

As long as you keep going your light gets stronger. And you will find a way through.




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